Attorney Tom filed a lawsuit against 15 brands & corporations that are attached to the Astroworld Music Festival


A lawyer from Texas, Tom Kherkhey, has filed at least a lawsuit against fifteen brands that put together the Astroworld Music Festival.
Attorney Tom Kherkhey.Attorney Tom website

As more lawsuits are filed against Travis Scott and Live Nation, one lawyer is suing at least 15 parties associated with the festival.

The 2021's Astroworld Music Festival in Houston, Texas, saw eight people die and 300 more wounded due to the event's stampede.

Attorney Tom Kherkhey from Bellaire in Texas took to social media to highlight all the brands and corporations they are taking action against.

  1. Scoremore LLC.
  2. Scoremore MGMT, LLC.
  3. Scoremore Holdings, LLC.
  4. Sasha Stone Guttfreund.
  5. Live Nation Worldwide, Inc.
  6. Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.
  7. Live Nation Marketing, Inc.
  8. Darryl Platt.
  9. ASM Global Parent, Inc.
  10. ASM Global, LLC.
  11. Mark Miller.
  12. Keith Butler.
  13. Trey Hicks.
  14. Jacques Webster Il a/k/a Travis Scott
  15. Cactus Jack Records, LLC,

While officially representing their client, who is prepared to fight all parties involved, Attorney Tom reached out to fans via TikTok for help with pictures and videos that fans might have.

He also mentioned that the reason why he was one of the earliest people to file the lawsuit was so that they could preserve evidence immediately.

Attorney Tom added that he represents at least dozens of people at this point and expected that number to grow in the next coming days.

The missing lawsuit against Against Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the corporations that is not being sued, and experts say it should have, given that they were live-streaming the show and hyping it up on social media.

The company hyped up the massive crowd of attendees and would have seen what was happening, seeing as the ambulance lights were much more visible photos shared on social media.

Now, they have a duty to inform all the right people if they have any knowledge of the stuff going on in the crowd.

People that work in signal transmission and signal transporting for live shows always sees much more than everyone else.

Eventually, Apple Music deleted the posts related to the stream where they hyped up the footage. This means that they have access to the footage that can be entered into evidence.

According to AJ+, Scott continued to perform for around 30 minutes more after police had declared the festival a "mass casualty event".

Kylie Jenner also confirmed this in a statement released on her Instagram story, saying that the event would have been stopped had they been aware of what was happening.

- This is a developing story.

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