Kylie Jenner dragged into Astroworld events, with many wondering why she's not footing bills for affected victims


Travis Scott's baby mamma and alleged fiance, Kylie Jenner, has been dragged into the events of Astroworld, with many wondering why she is not offering to give families lump sums after this tragedy.
Astroworld founder and headliner Travis Scott and Forbes' self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner.Craig Barritt / AFP

Following the events of Astroworld, Kylie Jenner was one of the first people to issue a statement on his social media of how heartbroken she was.

Crisis management experts said that Kylie should not have said anything in such cases, and she should have waited it out a few days.

This is because the whole debacle is Travis Scott's one and hers, but given that she was at the event with her sister Kendall, she felt the need to say something.

In an Instagram stories post, Kylie mentioned that she was not aware of any fatalities in the crowd or the ambulances fetching people.
Kylie Jenner's statement following Astroworld events.Kylie Jenner's stories / Instagram

This has since been refuted by a video that trended on social media where Scott is seen spotting someone in the crowd fainting.

This is pure evidence of Scott being aware of people collapsing at his concert and alerting security to help them but continuing with the show.

As such, many people slammed Kylie for saying that she and Travis were not aware of the fatalities occurring in the crowd until the media reported about them.

Kylie made it clear that had they been aware of the fatalities, the show would have been stopped, and filming would have been halted right away to avert more casualties.

What exacerbated the situation was People magazine's post about Kylie Jenner

'People' magazine wrote an article that has since been disabled about Kylie Jenner's safety following the events of Astroworld, where eight people died, and at least 300 were left injured.

This post led to a massive backlash on social media, with many saying that she was deep in the VIP section surrounded by bodyguards.

The publication was questioned about lack of sensitivity and why they would choose to focus on a billionaire instead of Astroworld victims.

The post has since been deleted, but more online users are saying that 'People' Magazine should be slandered for using Kylie Jenner in that context.

This is because the mentioning led to Kylie being criticized a lot more, as if the internet was not already dragging her for releasing a statement where she involved herself in this situation.

A lot more people said that Kylie should have just mentioned that she would be assisting affected families with funeral costs and hospital bills for the wounded.

Kylie Jenner is expected to open up her purse when everything that happened at this event is not her fault. However, I do get the part of her assisting. As much as Travis has to handle 100% of the costs, Kylie lending extra help to affected families would be a kind thing to do. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. And if you think more people should read this article, share it on social media.

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