As Travis Scott expresses hurt, past stories emerge of him encouraging fans to break into venues just to see him perform


Travis Scott released a statement following events that transpired at the Astroworld Music Festival. Just as he did this, past stories of him encouraging fans to bust into events to watch him perform began emerging.
Travis Scott performing during the Astroworld Festival at NRG Stadium in Texas.Suzanne Cordeiro / AFP

Past stories have surfaced where Travis Scott was quoted encouraging fans to break entrances at an event where he was set to perform back in 2015.

This was at a summer event in New Mexico, Lollapalooza, where he encouraged fans to ignore security officers and climb over barricades.

He was performing to over 100,000 people that day, but is said that his ego forced him to want more people in just so that they could watch him perform.

Scott was then arrested with disorderly conduct because it is said that he had no intention of putting anyone in danger.

Now, following the events of the Astroworld Festival, the artist has come under fire for how he once encouraged his fans to do something that ended up in tragedy on Friday, November 5, 2021.

People want him to be held responsible for continuing the show while fans were barging in with excessive force, causing the devastating chaos that happened.

Those that did not have tickets to the event ran inside, which led to the venue being overpacked to an overflowing capacity, leading to people being cramped and unable to move.

No one has any idea if families of the deceased will sue Scott for having a show that did not have any medical precautions in place.

He is responsible for this show, as that is his name on the wall; he will have to see how he makes the organizers pay for everything that happened.

There was also a lack of security personnel, which means that health environmental health codes were broken, which could have severe implications for the hosts.

How the hell was this event allowed to happen? When they started doing the countdown as reported with people storming in, why didn't they stop? They literally could have paused the event until safety protocols were met. Deliberate your thoughts in the comments. And if you think more people should read this article, share it on social media.

- This article was written and waited on cue for publication on November 6, 2021. There have since been more developments that were not initially included will be reported soon.

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