Travis Scott's fans blamed for stopping security from helping eight people & 300 more who got injured at Astroworld Fest


Fans who attended Travis Scott's Astroworld Music festival have been blamed for the stampede that led to the death of eight people and at least 300 more who got injured.
Photo taken at Travis Scott's Astroworld Fest at NRG Stadium in Texas.Suzanne Cordeiro / AFP

People on social media have been deflecting all day, blaming Travis Scott's fans for their carelessness which led to the death of eight people and around 300 more getting wounded.

This is due to the fact more fans could be seen breaking gates and exiting the place in a state of shock, hoping to get to a place of safety without any harm.

Media houses captured hostile and outraged attendees storming out of the event and a lot more stepping on those that were too slow to move out of the way.

The event was heavily packed to the core, with reports saying that at least 50,000 people could have attended the event.

The crowd was heavily staggered onto each other, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, with many sweating and consuming illicit substances.

When teenagers and young adults are heavily intoxicated, they can't be mindful of their surroundings, and when something horrible happens, they panic react and cause even more damage.

Judging by the footage shared all over social media, there is no way anyone could have social distanced at this event, and the hosts are at fault here.

Fans are also said to have stopped security guards from assisting those that passed out by jumping on their golf carts and preventing them from moving.

While this could have happened, I personally do believe that security personnel at this event should have alerted the production team to halt performances and bring out loud, bright lights.

Those lights usually make one sober immediately, no matter how much of a mood you are in, instead of the darkness that all fans were expected to marvel around in.

Organizers are also irresponsible for not capping event attendees to a certain number, and as such, Travis and his team should be held responsible for this carelessness.

People died at this event, innocent lives were lost, while many more are in hospitals due to something that could have been prevented. This is not a time to deflect and solely blame fans for panicking and reacting the way they did. We need people to hold accountable.

Does it even make sense to blame fans who attended the event for running to a place of safety when chaos erupted? How are they responsible for this when they were not the ones hosting and managing the event? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. And if you think more people should read this, then share it on social media.

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