OPINION | Dr. Ladapo is definitely vaccinated. Given his stance on Covid-vaccines, if he wasn't, everyone would know.


Florida's Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, is most definitely vaccinated. I believe he truly is, and if he was not jabbed, everyone would know given his stance on Covid-19 vaccines and skewed views on health protocols, writes Victor.

Newly appointed state Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo.SOPA Images / Gallo Images

Last week Dr. Ladapo was booted out from the office of a cancer-stricken State Senator Tina Polsky for not wearing a mask and not disclosing his vaccine status.

The Surgeon General knows very well that Senator Polsky has comorbidities, and people with them, are known to be vulnerable to any variants of Covid-19.

The Florida Department of Health spokesperson Weesam Khoury was asked on Monday if Dr. Ladapo is vaccinated, Khoury said that information is private.

Published in Politico Florida, Khoury said in an email:

"I am unable to share details about the Surgeon General's private medical decisions. Just like I wouldn’t be able to tell you if anyone at the Department has gotten their annual physicals this year, I am not privy to such personal medical information."

This sudden turnaround of events led to Dr. Ladapo being all over social media due to his refusal to disclose his Covid vaccine status.

This then became a paddle of people arguing whether the person leading the health ministry of the entire state took their shots or not.

It is hard to conclude, but one might say that Dr. Ladapo is not vaccinated and that I am just merely reaching here.

Okay, so what if Dr. Ladapo is truly not vaccinated?

Looking at whether Dr. Joseph Ladapo is not vaccinated can be very odd to do, but let us speculate and look at reasons that may support him not having the Covid-shot.

Last week Dr. Ladapo said vaccines could not stop transmission, and there has been a concerted effort to prevent the truth of the vaccine from receiving attention.

He publicly said data does not support any clinical benefit for children in Covid-related situations, without mentioning his findings and whether they were being backed up by science or verified data.

The data would have been widely available if what Dr. Ladapo was selling was even true, to begin with - which is insanely dangerous for someone in his role to say such.

The entire world has thousands and thousands of major media houses, and one would have reported on these fake findings Dr. Ladapo kept mentioning as "real data".

The doctor has a history of promoting unproven treatments against the novel coronavirus and questioning the safety of the vaccines.

He has also associated himself with America's Frontline Doctors, pro-Trump healthcare groups famous for promoting falsehoods about the pandemic.

The level of extreme Dr. Ladapo has gone through to be associated with fringe doctors is quite alarming, given that he is supposed to be a leader in the state's health ministry.

This, then, without a doubt, makes us believe that there is no way he could have gotten the Covid-19 shot if he is this passionate about making vaccines seem bad.

But then what if Dr. Ladapo is indeed vaccinated?

Governor DeSantis and other Republican leaders opposing vaccine mandates are fully vaccinated, we all know that, but they are still objecting to the implementation of vaccine passports.

It is easy to sell people the idea that they do not have to get the Covid jab when you already have the jab yourself, ask Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as this is what they do best.

So, Dr. Ladapo probably had the jab, and now he is doing the same thing, casting the vaccine as unnecessary while he is protected against the virus.

However, it wouldn't be easy for him to admit it, as other health experts would call him out on knowing that he needed the vaccine but now making it seem "not important".

Dr. Ladapo probably thinks that if he were to declare that he did indeed get inoculated, it would make him come across as a hypocrite.

Many people already think that he is one of the biggest hypocrites in the field of health this year alone, given that he is in the field of health but forcefully objecting to every health protocol.

The Surgeon General could also be just doing a performance. There's a saying that anti-maskers and anti-vaccine advocates are exhibitionists creating what they think is a heroic performance.

This performance act helps increase their profile, as it did assist with Governor DeSantis' political profile, but then it also allows some gain a huge social media following that they can capitalise on in future.

To close this off, it is scary to think that the state of Florida is paying Dr Ladapo half a million dollars, and he continues to preach false information.

His arrogance to the safety of Florida residents matches Governor DeSantis. It is like he was elected to be a direct copy of the governor, just a person of color.

And again, he serves in a public office, not in a private office. His vaccine states should be public information given that he is leading the state's health ministry.

- Victor is a video-essayist, a full-time 9-5 journalist who has a background in Medical Anthropology and independently writes daily on NewsBreak.

This column was the author's opinion based on claims, speculations and rumors that are going on in the media. None of it is factual, and if you would like to respond to the author, leave a comment.

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