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DeSantis to use money from taxpayers to pay those $5,000 bonuses to police officers 'jumping ship' to evade mandates


Governor Ron DeSantis will pay bonuses to all police officers who move to Florida for refusing vaccine mandates in their own States, using money from taxpayers.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks at the Lakeland, Florida Police Department.Paul Hennessy / Getty Images

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has promised to pay police officers who leave their assigned posts due to Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

The money that the governor will be using will come from Florida taxpayers. Yes, Governor DeSantis will be taking from state funds.

The money Governor DeSantis continues to use when fighting Covid-19 mandates is not taken from his salary or funds from his campaign donations.

Yes, he is the governor of Florida, and the state has to fund his abhorrent ideas that he is parading as running a "better" State, but he seems to be going too far.

Florida making these monetary promises to police officers came as a shock to many Democrats, as they did not expect the governor to go this route.

This has raised eyebrows among citizens of Florida, given that various counties want to mandate vaccines and have stringent Covid-19 protocols.

The governor offering solace coupled with money to police officers who might jump ship only means that the state's taxpayers will be forking the bill, as the piggy bank that will be used belongs entirely to the state of Florida.

States are also assigned budgets by the federal government, like, a one-third of their total revenue comes from federal funding.

But how does the funding for police officers work?

Funding for police officers in the United States is very complex and kind of confusing to understand all the convoluted spending.

This is because everyone chips in, or let me say, every department, local, state, and federal. They all contribute to funding law enforcement.

The spending for local police over the past years has become reliant on funding from the federal government.

Police budgets represent massive public spending that is classed under law and order in the United States.

Various elements included: money for prisons and jails, judicial spending for public defenders and district attorneys, and salaries for police, sheriffs and detectives.

Now, officers are civil workers and when President Joe Biden tabled plans for mandatory vaccines for all civil workers, the police were included.

But because every state has different rules that govern it, DeSantis is one of the governors preventing this motion from going into power.

The governor is waging a serious war that will fight the Biden Administration's Covid-19 mandate plans, especially for civil workers.

So far, Biden has formerly presented the idea with an alternative in cases where employees refuse the vaccine.

But should the United States have another scary surge of Covid-19 in the next coming months, then the White House will definitely mandate vaccines across the board for all employees in the government's public sector.

Don't you guys think it's time for Governor DeSantis to use his campaign donations or personal funds to pay these bonuses and all the legal fees he's inflicting on the states? Or should we continue bearing all the costs? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments. And if you think more people should read this article, share it on social media.

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