Those with means flee amid abortion ban, while those without remain & be forced to carry pregnancies against their will


Patients who have the means to flee Texas have done so, while those with no means remain behind to carry pregnancies full-term against their will.
Women march behind an Abortion Rights banner on a pro-choice protest for a woman's right to choose.Mike Kemp / Gallo Images

The state of Texas is currently experiencing a disparity in residents who have the means to flee amid the ongoing abortion ban, leave to find solace elsewhere.

This situation has been difficult for many families with no means to relocate to other states to go and seek medical help.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into power that prohibits abortion that is performed from around 6-weeks, titled "Texas Heartbeat Act".

The abortion bill will make no exception for victims of rape or even incest. The female has to continue with the pregnancy full term.

Every medical practitioner in Texas is not allowed to perform any abortion, and doing so, can lead to a lot of legal implications.

Suppose this ban was ever to be fully implemented. In that case, it could see vigilante behaviour soar to absurd lengths because the residents are allowed to report and be rewarded for this formally.

How will this scrupulous monetary reward work?

This abortion ban will allow Texas residents to be rewarded with $10,000 for initiating lawsuits against doctors who perform abortions.

The reward is said to enable people to sue any doctor performing abortions or sue anyone facilitating abortions.

This lawsuit has to be initiated in cases where the abortion was performed after the fetal heartbeat was detected - which is usually around 6-weeks.

If the lawsuit leads to prosecution, the individual who made the case will be compensated under this new abortion bill.

This quick cash-grab reportedly targets a few medical personnel who allegedly declared that they would continue performing abortions, disobeying the ban.

A large majority of them do not seem to be worried about what the state will do to punish this act, which is sad because they are trying to provide safe abortions.

The abortion ban has received a heavy backlash as more people are worried that this would encourage the black-market abortion services to operate fully.

According to a Reuters report, the U.S. Supreme Court of Justice will hear the full challenge to this Abortion Ban bill in Texas that has failed in various regional courts.

This court hardly hears cases before lower courts have ruled, which means that the justices at hand have deemed this matter of high public importance - which requires immediate introspection.

They took up requests by President Joe Biden's administration and abortion providers in several states standing in unity with Texas to review their challenges to the law immediately.

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