Governor DeSantis receives criticism over his tabled plans against the federal government


Governor Ron DeSantis has received a vast amount of criticism concerning his tabled plans on the Covid-19 vaccine mandate suit that he is waging against the federal government.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantisGage Skidmore / Flickr

Governor Ron DeSantis has vowed to challenge the Biden administration legally if they enact a proposal mandating that businesses require workers to get vaccinated or undergo weekly coronavirus testing.

The lawsuit will soon reach the White House, especially after the governor recently called a special Florida legislative session to formulate a plan to take the Biden Administration head-on.

This announcement saw a lot of critics all over social media lambast Governor DeSantis for being inconsiderate, with many saying that the state requires stronger health measures to fight the coronavirus.

One even said that this "freedom" that the governor says the Biden Administration wants to take away is the only way to ensure that the residents of Florida survive this pandemic.

So far, the number of coronavirus infections in Florida dipped a lot this week, hitting an all-time low, despite non-existent stringent Covid safety protocols in place.

Florida also did not experience any massive state lockdowns when it was experiencing the worst cases of the Delta variant this summer.

Access to public places and entity operations continued to run as normal, with schools being an exception because many moved to learning online.

Governor DeSantis has now vowed to keep these Covid-19 health mandates in place because people "deserve a right to choose and be free".

U.S. President Joe Biden said the coronavirus vaccine mandates should not divide Americans, given the commotion between the two.

President Biden formerly advised business owners to weekly test their workers who refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine shot.

And yes, all these weekly PCR tests will be paid for by the employee from their pocket, and the state will not be liable for any costs that will eventually be incurred.

The president said this would hopefully get the employees to finally give up their fight against vaccines and decide to get the Covid shot.

This is something that many Democrats in Florida are supporting, even some counties across the state are leaning more towards a democratic-ran local government.

But Governor DeSantis shows no signs of backing down from this fight until he comes out victorious against the Biden Administration, plus he has a lot of Republicans supporting him.

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