DeSantis wants people fired for refusing employer-required Covid-19 vaccine to be eligible for unemployment compensation


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants people whose employers have been fired for refusing to take the 'employer-required' Covid-19 vaccine to be eligible for the unemployment compensation.
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Governor DeSantis' office has released a list of requests for the special legislative session that did not necessarily include directly trying to ban federal vaccination mandates in Florida.

Basically, they have presented forward alternatives to assist those who end up being dismissed by franchised businesses for refusing to take the vaccine.

This is because companies headquartered and primarily originate from Democratic-led states have moved forward to mandating Covid-vaccines across the board, meaning their franchises are liable for this.

Mandating Covid vaccines came as a suggestion from President Joe Biden, who had told business owners to weekly test their workers who refuse to get the Covid shot.

All these tests are obviously paid for by the employee from their own pocket, and the state is not liable for any costs that will be incurred.

The president said he hoped that this would hopefully get the employees to finally give up their fight against vaccines and decide to get the Covid shot.

This did not sit well with Governor DeSantis, who moved his fight with the federal government by calling for a special Florida legislative session.

What are some of the things the governor is expected to discuss at this special session?

The first and most serious one is ensuring that all anti-vaxxer employees are guaranteed financial security after losing their job for refusing the jab.

Governor DeSantis wants to "reaffirm" that government entities and school districts cannot legally fire employees based upon their vaccine status.

The governor wants to allow fired employees to sue employers that fail to provide notice of religious and health exemptions to 'employer-vaccine' requirements.

Governor DeSantis also plan on removing Covid liability protections for all Florida businesses that fire employees based on vaccination requirements.

He is also tabling the enforcement on "non-compete" agreements against employees fired for their Covid status.

Giving parents complete control over how they navigate this vaccine journey on their children is also on the governor's list of priorities.

What do you think? Should employees be guaranteed financial security in such scenarios and be liable to sue their employers? Let me know in the comments. And if you think more people should read this article, share it on social media.

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