Gov DeSantis slams the federal government's decision to involve the Justice Department in the State VS School boards war


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has slammed the White House's tabled plans to involve the Department of Justice in the fight that he currently has with the school boards over Covid-19 mandates.
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As the state of Florida, under the leadership of its governor, continues to wage war against parents, the federal government wants the DOJ to meddle in and help defuse the fire.

The United States policy matters protected under the Constitution say that each state is responsible for what goes on in the states, especially regarding the education sector.

This is something that Governor DeSantis has been proudly mentioning, that schools are the state's concern and need to abide by his laws.

However, that sort of protection does not extend to threats of violence or efforts to intimidate people.

The United States President Joe Biden has the power to execute the laws under Article II of the Constitution, and he does that mainly through federal agencies.

These federal agencies are what we call executive agencies. And they're under the direct control of the president. Department of Justice stepping in is under the suggestion of the president.

Board members, teachers, staff, and pupils who ensure the proper flow of learning have reportedly been targeted due to Covid protocols that have been mandated at schools.

This has left the Federal government worried about how they can assist, seeing as there have been complaints by schools and schools requesting some assistance.

It also turns out that different associations representing school boards asked the federal government to investigate a majority of these cases.

They range from threats or any non-verbal and verbal violence that has been imposed on school workers.

These associations require assistance on how they could be handled as violations of federal laws that protect their civil rights.

How excessive is the DeSantis VS School Boards war to a point where the federal government feels like it needs to meddle?

There are various reports of threats that school boards have reportedly sent to the federal government, which saw them get harassed by people who say they are enforcing the governor's bill for the "right to choose".

As such, angry anti-vaccination mobs have been appearing at school board meetings to protest these Covid restrictions that are being implemented.

Some school clerks are receiving hate mails, ranging from emails, hardcopy letters and sticky notes, hoping that they might back down.

There is a constant cause of the chaos meant to disrupt the public schooling hours, as school premises become a culture war battlefield.

With this happening, a rift is being created between the school management board, parents, pupils, and communities.

But U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has also vowed to get the FBI involved in this brewing war between Governor DeSantis (plus his supporters), and various Florida schools.

What are your thoughts on the DOJ's involvement in what is currently going on between school boards and Governor DeSantis? Do you think they need to step in, or should they just back off? Let me know in the comments. If you think more people should read this article, share it on social media and please download the NewsBreak app using my referral link to continue supporting me.

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