Long-Covid in pupils across Florida prevents many from partaking in sporting and academic activities in schools


The long-haul Covid-19 in children is reportedly posing, preventing many Florida students from taking part in sporting and academic performance.

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The issue of Long-Covid remains stagnant, especially if one encountered the deadly Delta variant, which largely impacted a lot of school children across Florida.

School children across dealt with the worst impact of the highly contagious Delta variant from the end of summer, and the dip only started happening recently.

The drop in Covid-19 cases means in-person classroom learning is on the table, but extra-curricular activities can also resume.

Many school management teams, parents and children in child-headed homes are stuck, not knowing how to navigate this journey.

Long-Covid shocked many young people because they are generally the youngest and the healthiest generation out there.

It is even worse when they don't drink alcohol or even smoke, but the Delta variant is one mutation of Covid-19 that badly infected them and the experience post this remains hard.

What are some of the lingering symptoms that children are currently experiencing?

Students are still struggling with excessive fatigue and terrible exhaustion, which makes learning extremely hard.

Teachers have been struggling with learners dealing with memory fog, weak vision and difficulty with concentration.

There are issues with breathing, coupled with abnormal heart rates when doing minor exercises, which makes sporting codes impossible to navigate.

Some athletes cannot even participate in rehearsals because if a Covid-test were required, it would probably come back positive, especially if one had the worst cases of Covid-19. It takes forever to leave your system, even after recovery.

Parents have dealt with situations where their cases experience hallucinations and nightmares when asleep, if they are even lucky to catch some sleep seeing as lack of sleep or unexpected cases of insomnia remains prevalent too.

There may be changes to the menstrual cycle and skin condition. Gastrointestinal and bladder problems have been picked up as well.

Is there a way to assist children that are dealing with Long-Covid?

It is advisable for parents to be consistently there, present and monitoring their children's progress at all times or available to be reached at any time.

This is because, with Covid-19, your health can move from normality to a life-threatening situation unexpectedly, according to health experts.

As a parent, at night, while your child who just had a bad case of Covid-19 is sleeping, it is crucial to check up on them constantly.

A proper diet can help manage some symptoms, slowly exercising and remaining on medication until a health specialist tells you otherwise.

Researchers say it is essential to get an accurate diagnosis to be treated and advised on how to manage long-haul symptoms. ​

The British Health Foundation also recommends that one should seek medical care if severe chest pains are accompanied by vomiting, nausea, sweating, or shortness of breath.

Sudden chest pains that are accompanied by a loss of consciousness are not normal, and going to the ER when experienced, is vital.

Is your family managing the symptoms of Long-Covid well? Those who were able to deal with them quickly share tips in the comments. If you think more people should read this article, share it on social media and download the NewsBreak app using my referral link to continue supporting me.

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