Florida becomes one of the states with the lowest active Covid-19 cases, as infections hit an all-time low


October saw coronavirus infections dip a lot across Florida, making the state emerge gracefully after dealing with the deadly Delta variant.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during a conference.SOPA Images / Gallo Images

Florida novel coronavirus cases have hit an all-time low this October, despite non-existent stringent Covid safety protocols in place.

The state's Governor Ron DeSantis has been heavily criticised for his 'flanking' Covid measures and being hell-bent on challenging any helpful ideas from the federal government.

As such, the state experienced one of the deadliest Delta variant infections this summer, and with that, over 58 000 people have died in the process.

Prominent medical experts spent time on social media deliberating how over half of these deaths could have been prevented had there been mask mandates to prevent the spread of infections.

What exacerbated the situation, are the endless lawsuits that the governor and the multiple schools have been battling, and all these school even forfeited their funding in the process.

Data from the Florida Department of Health highlighted an insane hit that saw the number of Covid-related child deaths more than double from late August to early September.

This prompted parents who were desperate to get their young children vaccinated to reach out to paediatricians and plead with them to administer the Covid-19 shot.

When this was happening, there was no vaccine approval in existence for use in kids under the age of 12, not even for emergency use.

The state of Florida also did not experience massive lockdowns. Access to public places and entity operations continued to run as normal, with school being an exception because many of them moved learning online.

This October, Covid-19 cases reportedly went down by an estimated 80%, making Florida enter the race of having one of the lowest infections in the United States.

The dip in infection rates had people like Republican Elisa Martinez take to social media, praising Governor DeSantis' leadership throughout this devastating wave of infections Florida just experienced.

Of course, it is hard to argue that had there been strict protocols in place, a large majority of deaths could have been prevented, and the number of infections would not have surged the way it did.

Some counties across Florida took matters into their own hands by implementing excessive Covid-19 health protocols.

Several schools even risked losing their funding, on top of spending money on lawyer fees challenging Governor DeSantis' ban on mandates.

The aim for these schools was to have proper ways to mitigate the spread of the Delta variant, which would help prevent future surges.

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