Texas Governor Greg Abbott is more worried about losing his primary than losing the general election


Despite standing a good chance of being re-elected, Texas Governor Abbott is more stressed about losing his primary election a lot more than the general election.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott speaking to the media.Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP

Concerns that Governor Abbott has over the possibility of losing his primary election race has started to hit him a lot more now that we are nearing elections.

Abbott faces two challengers in the upcoming primary elections, former U.S. representative from Florida Allen West and former Texas state Senator Don Huffines.

Allen West will make a stronger contender, as he has garnered media coverage following his hospital admission due to the Delta variant.

While hospitalized, West shared his strong disapproval of Covid vaccines and showed his support for controversial treatments in a string of tweets.

This will mostly win him more Republican votes, seeing as a large majority of GOP members gravitate towards Covid vaccines' hatefulness.

West made it clear that he would "vehemently crush anyone forcing vaccine mandates" if he were to get elected, which gives him an upper hand to his opponents.

As for the former Texas state Senator Don Huffines, he has shown a strong stance against vaccine mandates. But mostly immigration policies.

The former senator has publicly been way too vocal about his hatred for immigrants in a series of tweets all over social media.

Huffines uses xenophobic and dehumanizing words like "aliens" with pride and joy when referring to foreign nationals.

He places the sole blame of everything that is primarily wrong with Texas on foreign nationals "taking American jobs from American workers".

Texas has been having issues with its immigration laws and policies that are skewed and backdated, and large majorities of policies they want in place remain controversial.

Instead of working out a way to get all foreign nationals proper documents that align with the state, they are hell-bent on casting them away.

Governor Abbott's moves to ensure that he remains more topical and popular than his opponents

Texas Governor Abbott has gone to extreme lengths to ensure that he remains the most focal point of these upcoming primary elections, more so than his peers.

The governor reportedly shut down an online site with anti-suicide resources for LGBTQI+ youth after Huffines accused him of "promoting transgender sexual policies to Texas youth."

Governor Abbott initially banned local jurisdictions from imposing mask mandates on people at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, as soon as more residents of Texas started dying, the governor reversed his course and ordered mask mandates.

Abbott did not only stop there, and he ordered all counties with 20 or more Covid infections to institute face masks in public places.

He also authorized limits on public gatherings, and Democrats said he did this to keep his approval ratings high.

This fear that the governor has seemed unnecessary. Even though his policies on abortion may be controversial, residents of Texas are still going to vote for him out of fear of what will transpire should leaders like Allen West be elected.

Do you think Governor Abbott should be worried about the primary elections? Is it even possible for Allen West or Don Huffines to dethrone? Let me know in the comments. And if you think more people should read this article, share it on social media.

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