Republicans say Covid vaccine mandates in Florida will force them into 'extreme poverty'


Republicans across Florida are saying that coronavirus vaccine mandates will force them into extreme poverty.
Republican Anti-Vaxxers protesting for Covid mandates in Florida.CBC News: The National/YouTube

Florida Republicans argue that if businesses and establishments mandated Covid-19 vaccines, many people would be stripped of their income.

For once, employees who refuse to get the vaccine would have to resign, and Governor Ron DeSantis said this would exacerbate staffing shortages.

If it happens that an employee continues to work and opts for weekly PCR tests, it could get too expensive, seeing as they are meant to pay for those tests out of their pocket.

This is because US President Joe Biden told business owners to test their workers who refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine weekly, and maybe more than that.

The president said this would hopefully get employees to finally give up their fight against vaccines and decide to get the Covid shot.

However, Governor DeSantis argued that forcing Covid-19 vaccines on reluctant people will stiffen their resistance to getting the shots.

Republicans argue that businesses and employees, might lose massive income

Business outlets that rely on customers could lose customers - which would not be a bad idea - except that their outlets would be marred with negative reviews by anti-vaxxers.

In August, several restaurants in other states experienced an influx of bad reviews, with managers and staff of some establishments receiving verbal attacks for instituting vaccine mandates to guests, clients and diners.

The tourism industry would struggle to find customers as more anti-vaxxers would pull out of their bookings.

As much as tourism requires vaccines to be mandatory, which will allow other states and international visitors to come through, it will also slash a portion of those who don't want to get the jab.

The industry is already going through a lot, and they cannot afford to lose a clientele base like this, which is being argued by Republicans.

All Republicans are fighting this vaccine mandate fight "differently"

All Republicans who are against Covid-19 mask and vaccine mandates have been fighting for their "right to choose" a little differently.

Governor DeSantis has been hitting schools with endless lawsuits and appeals to interdict them from implementing any Covid-19 protocols.

School boards have been getting harassed online and in-person, plus receiving hate messages, which prompt Attorney General Merrick Garland to table the FBI into stepping in.

Social media users have made it their mission to endlessly ill-tweet those advocating for the mandates, some debating them fairly, but others constantly bullying them.

Republican lobbyists have been protesting in several counties that are implementing stringent Covid measures.

A large majority of them (Republicans) take their stance on Covid-19 mandates a little too far, despite there being those who are fighting amicably.

However, the negative battles will always outweigh any mature and courteous fighters in this battle.

Do you agree with Republicans that Covid vaccines will plunge people into poverty? Do you think they can win this fight? Is the fight even worth it? Let me know in the comments. And if you think more people should read this article, share it on social media.

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