The Delta variant summer wave of Covid-19 was so heavy that it left Florida nurses burnt out


The summer towards early fall wave of the novel coronavirus took a massive toll on nurses in Florida's health system to a point where they are burnt out.
A healthcare frontline worker hugs and comforts a patient in the Covid-19 ICU.Go Nakamura / AFP

The state of Florida had a devastating wave of Covid-19, not only thousands and thousands of daily cases but hospital admissions too.

An enormous amount of pressure overwhelmed the health system this summer, and because of how contagious the Delta variant was, many casualties were reported.

This does, after all, not dampen all the good work that has been done by them in saving as many lives as they possibly can.

Nurses worked insanely hard to maintain all precautionary measures at work, on the field, ensuring that enough people assisted.

  • The long hours that they took away from home were also a huge sacrifice to their families, with many of them missing out on a chance to spend some time with their children or parents.

Hospital wards were understaffed on many occasions too, and other employees had to step in to work extra shifts, making it impossible for anyone to get some rest.

Various publications around the year reported how healthcare workers struggled with physical and mental exhaustion from being on the front line.

  • Working longer hours can cause fatigue and an extreme level of exhaustion that requires at least four days of sleeping in so that the body doesn't collapse.

At the moment, Florida is experiencing a situation where Covid cases are decreasing rapidly, and soon, the current number of daily cases will even be lower.

This also means patients with Covid-19 symptoms are not being admitted in masses and therefore not many tests for Covid are requested.

With that said, we can only hope that they will prioritise their mental health and take enough rest. And rest in peace to all the health workers we lost during this pandemic.

Healthcare workers were our true heroes during this pandemic, and despite how reckless we all were in moving the virus, they never turned us away when we got sick. This is a special shoutout to them. You can share your message too in the comments. And if you think more people should read this article, share it on social media.

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