AG Garland says he'll task the FBI to focus on Florida if Governor DeSantis & Co don't back down from fighting schools


U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has vowed to get the FBI involved in the currently brewing war between Governor DeSantis (plus his supporters), and various Florida schools.
US Attorney General Merrick Garland.Claudio Cruz / AFP

United States Attorney General Merrick Brian Garland has assured schools, teachers and principals that he will call the FBI to assist in defusing threats that they have been getting.

In this war brewing, the FBI's duty will be to help school workers know how to respond to threats being levelled against them for implementing measures meant to curb the spread of Covid-19.

These are some of the reasoning behind the FBI involvement is being tabled for Florida:

  • There have been 'angry mobs' that appear at school board meetings to protest Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Threats and harassment to school workers, both online and in-person.
  • Causing chaos and disrupting public schooling hours
  • Driving a wedge between the school management board, the parents, pupils, and the communities they are serving.

The FBI is also supposed to make it clear for education field employees to identify threats they receive and report.

Both school-workers and the FBI are meant to come up with a proper response after assessing the gravity of the war that DeSantis is waging with schools.

What was Governor DeSantis' reaction to these FBI' warnings'?

Governor DeSantis insists that schools are governed by the state and should therefore abide by laws that govern Florida.

As such, these warnings from U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland don't seem to phase the Governor not even one bit.

The Governor took to social media to clarify that they "will not allow federal agents to squelch dissent" in Florida.

Various schools across Florida have been battling Governor Ron DeSantis' administration since the beginning of the school terms.

These fights are due to districts implementing their coronavirus safety protocols to help manage the spread of the virus on the school premises.

Parents, school staff, teachers, principals, and pupils all reached a joint decision to mandate precautionary measures across various counties.

These decisions follow the highly contagious Delta variant infecting young people the most, leading to an increase in hospital admissions and deaths.

The Delta variant has proven to be deadlier on the youth than any of the variants of the novel coronavirus Florida has experienced.

This is why parents in those affected schools moved towards implementing stringent measures to ensure that what happened at the beginning of the school period doesn't happen again.

What are your thoughts? Should we allow the FBI to step in and help quell the war going on between Governor DeSantis and school management teams? What do you think? Let me know in the comments. And if you think more people should read this article, share it on social media.

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