Florida tourism is struggling to recover from the Covid pandemic at the time when vaccination rates hit an all-time low


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The tourism industry in Florida has taken a massive knock due to the coronavirus pandemic, with several agencies requiring cash boost to continue working on how best to rebuild, post the recent wave of the delta variant.

It is evident that the Covid-19 pandemic hit the tourism industry quite hard around the world, and in Florida, devastating cases of the Delta variant made it hard for the state to marvel through the storm.

The industry is now left with no choice but to think creatively on how they can revive the economy, and to do that, and more money is needed.

Multiple ideas of drawing numbers into Florida are in place, and an extra cash boost is required to ensure that the teams involved keep the momentum of work going.

These costs will range from marketing and PR, influencer brand deals, assisting establishments with tools to boost their tourist attraction sites, and to keep paying overheads by avoiding closures.

The most fundamental thing to note is that fixing the tourism industry also relies on coronavirus vaccinations being mandatory.

For example, the UK had 47 countries on their red list, and anyone from those countries could not be allowed into the country for leisure travel.

If you need to be there for work or studies, you undergo several Covid-tests and extreme quarantine measures, and they still require proof of vaccination.

Now that they have loosened their restrictions on those countries, one thing remains vital in ensuring more visitors, proof of vaccination status.

This is not something that Florida is considering, unfortunately. The state will not be mandating vaccines at all for anything in general.

It is even worse because establishments that want to mandate the vaccine and hopefully operate at 100% capacity will be fined $5,000.

The measurement of the vaccine rollout in Florida

From September, the number of people getting vaccinated in Florida started plummeting.

At the beginning of that same month, the health ministry was registering over half a million, by the end of the month, the number dropped to a quarter of a million.

This decline can be attributed to:

  • Long Covid side effects are still in full effect.
  • Scepticism and vaccine hesitancy is still prevalent.
  • Extreme hope in monoclonal ant-body treatment.
  • Lack of information.
  • Social media and the distribution of misinformation, disinformation.
  • The moment cases decline, people relax way too much.

As covid-19 cases started declining, the number of hospitalisation across Florida hospitals saw a vast dip too.

There’s always a fear of the reactions, but we see so many deaths and cases of Covid-19, and I also have young children, so we have to take care of ourselves

The low rate of vaccinations could be picked up from the youth, this is somewhere between the 18 to 30-year-old cohort.

This same cohort is said to be most socially active and may also be susceptible to the virus. They stand a chance of spreading it more.

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