DeSantis' stance on Covid increases his profile among republicans, experts say he might challenge Biden in 2024 Election


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' opposing views to Covid-19 mandates by the federal government gave his profile a tremendous boost, more so than anyone expected with each day passing.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis arrives for a ceremony at the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside in Surfside, Florida.Joe Raedle / AFP

Conservatives are cheering the governor across the nation as he prepares to run for state re-election and possibly challenge U.S. President Joe Biden in 2024.

President Joe Biden seems to be aware of the game that DeSantis appears to be playing and has tweeted out his disdain on republicans that seek to play political cards with people's lives.

The president mentioned how he refuses to give in to the tactics Republicans seem to be playing as they are putting children in harm's way.

Many people deliberated their views, urging Biden to cut federal funding since that seems to be the only thing that DeSantis understands.

However, all of this seems to be playing right into Governor DeSantis' hands and framework on boosting his political profile.

These are some of the factors that are said to have raised the governor's profile:

  • DeSantis has largely been critiqued for being wrong about Covid-19, lambasted for conspiracy theories, misinformation and disinformation.
  • DeSantis' stance on women's rights is controversial. The governor is said not to support a women's right to choose, which is popular among republicans.
  • Gov DeSantis is rumored to support Texas' right to adopt a bill that says that, for 6-weeks, a woman doesn't have a right to adoption.
  • Some say the governor is doing a fine job of making himself look bad without anyone setting him up for failure, but this is working in his favour.
  • The worse we make him look, the better his chances are, according to experts.
  • Every Anti-Vaxxer is more likely to vote for him, and that's at 40% of American adults who are yet to get the vaccine.

At the moment, DeSantis is the leading Republican candidate with how vocal he has been lately and fixation on challenging the White House every second he gets.

Australia has 4 million more people than Florida's population, yet the former lost fewer people to Covid-19 than the latter.

In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic, Florida has lost more people in one day due to Covid-19 than the total number of deaths Australia has registered so far.

Some would like to see DeSantis resign. However, it doesn't seem like he will. Floridians can't vote him out.

DeSantis is alleged to be looking into adopting Texas' abortion bill

Texas' Governor Greg Abbott signed into law last week a measure prohibiting abortions as early as six weeks.

This is before some women know they are pregnant, and the bill might open the door for almost any private citizen to sue abortion providers and others.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a day later, indicated that he could support a law banning abortion and that he was "going to look more significantly at it."

His main argument was that after detecting a fetal heartbeat, no abortion should take place, saying it was an "interesting" bill.

The governor fails to see that the ban on abortions will encourage more backstreet abortions and illegal cop-out centres performing these practices, which are not safe.

The signing of this bill also opens a new frontier in the battle over abortion restrictions as first-of-its-kind legal provisions — intended to make the law harder to block — are poised to be tested in the courts.

DeSantis' working relationship with Donald Trump

At the beginning of Covid-19, Governor DeSantis prioritized the coronavirus pandemic by setting up testing centres everywhere across Florida.

The governor was legit "for" the seniors of Florida, and he did everything in his power to get the shots and ensure that they were mostly protected.

However, since Donald Trump lost the election, DeSantis did a turnaround that saw him block every viable means of minimizing the spread of Covid-19 in Florida.

The governor is currently more out-there than former U.S. President Donald Trump - who has directed his focus at boxing.

The public seems to be saying that Trumps' fans love DeSantis because more deaths from Covid-19 are continuing under his rule in Florida.

This is the same thing that Trump was heavily criticized, for, downplaying the coronavirus pandemic and doing the exact opposite of what federal officials suggest.

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