The Time Warner Bros Exec Warned Ray Fisher About Ending His Career


When embarking on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. This saying is very much prevalent to Ray Fisher trying to bring down Joss Whedon and in succeeding, he might have lost his career with the studio.
Joss Whedon, Ray “Cyborg” FIsher and President of DC FIlms Walter HamadaGraphic composite via Photoshop

The chaos surrounding Ray Fisher, who helms the character of Cyborg in DC Universe’s live-action adaptations for the movies, seems not to be over yet.

For a full report of the inception of this feud, where it started, and how DC Films and Warner Brothers handled it, it is important to note that the full story is yet to be available seeing as Whedon and Hamada have never publicly spoken out about the incident except through PR statements via the studio.

The most important thing to note right now is Walter Hamada, the president of DC Film’s contract extension a week after Fisher publicly declared how he never wants to work with the creative director.

This is not the only issue, that has resurfaced, but to understand its impact, we need to highlight how it affects Fisher and his future cameos in the studio’s upcoming projects.

Walter Hamada’s three-year contract extension

On Tuesday, it was announced that Hamada had re-upped his deal as president until 2023. As expected, Fisher took to Twitter to call the news ‘’reactionary’’.

This president of DC Films joined the corporation back in 2018, and since joining the studio, he oversaw the release of DC’s highest-grossing live adaptation film to date Aquaman (2018) and the film went on to make $1.4 billion worldwide box office.
President of the DC Films, Walter HamadaKevin Winter / Getty Images

Hamada’s deal being upped by the Warner Bro has given an indication that Fisher will no longer be involved in any way on any of the future films that the studio will have in the next three years.

He is clearly invested in growing the DC films and making sure that all projects that were shelved get a chance at the big screen.

Fisher has publicly admitted that he will never star in any project that is led by Hamada as he is an enabler to the way the supposed investigation was handled.

Cyborg being written out of The Flash (2022) and role not being recast

The recent drama to rock Fisher, Warner Brothers, DC Films see the actor being written out from The Flash (2022) film according to The Wrap.

The publication goes on to say the role will not be recast after having been offered a cameo in the movie.

For a role that stood potential to be written well, with the hopes of a standalone film, clearly, the actor has lost out.
DC Films’ The Flash played by Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher’s CyborgZack Snyder's Justice League Promo

Understandably, Fisher has every right to fight for what happened to him.

It does seem like the studio went ahead and damage control the situation by painting him as a difficult person to work with on set, not corporative, a liar with unfounded claims, and an individual who is making up stuff that they can only see.

This is inherently dangerous and has led to Fisher losing majority of the internet fans, who have expressed how his stance and stories don’t seem to hold any ground anymore.

The Flash (2022) is a film that Hamada is overseeing, and the actor took to Twitter last week to share that he will not be involved in any project that is overseen by Hamada.

However, it is worth noting that Hamada did not oversee the Justice League film and reshoots that the production had at that time.

Although he was not the head of DC Films by then and he was not even employed during the film’s initial release, there is one executive judging by the tweet above who allegedly made threats to Fisher’s career and it seems like everything that this particular individual prophesied, came to happen.

It is though, the key to being aware that he is the one who was left to sort the behind-the-scenes mess out.

The way he handled the situation and the report that he signed off on, to be released to the public surrounding the situation in August 2020 only made Fisher more upset.

An outlook of Fisher’s feelings about the studio

Fisher once said in the beginning when he brought the claims during Joss Whedon’s time to some of the executives, certain warnings and threats were made towards his career and that went on to happened judging by the way the situation has happened and the results that have been yielded.
Ray Fisher, DC Extended Universe Film’s CyborgJustice League Promo

One might ask, did Ray Fisher ruin his career in Hollywood by refusing to work with Walter Hamada, calling out the studio and its executives? That is hard to say.

Because, if this will make it tricky for Disney or Sony to work with the actor in the near future, streaming services like Netflix will be there for the actor.

Talent has been blacklisted before in Hollywood for far less, prompting an idea that some movie studios intentionally handle reports from cast members the same way.

This also leaves room for other actors to come forward with their stories, something that no single person from that particular set has done.

Now, this ended up looking like it was his word against the studios.

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