Florida Senior Citizens Continues to Voice Their Concerns about Being Excluded From $450 Stimulus Check

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Seniors citizens across the United States are being left out of the states stimulus check efforts

I remember growing up as a child, the adults always talked about retiring and moving to Florida. The state of Florida has been known as “The Retirement State” It was considered an American dream to retire from your job and move into an expensive beach home, and purchase a boat to enjoy while spending time in Key West Florida. Today, Florida is still considered a retirement state, for some senior citizens who live there said they are struggling financially. In a recent article I wrote, Florida’s Senior Citizens said the $450 stimulus check would have given them some relief. Some Seniors are having to choose between food or paying their rent/mortgages.

So far there have not been any new plans of sending stimulus checks to seniors from the Florida State Government. Social Security benefits are just not enough to survive amid an inflationary economy.

One reader said, “ Living on SSDI and unable to work trying to make ends meet pinching a penny to get a dime, Try living on $1100. a month. when people get the stimulus money who both are working that make 4 to 5 thousand dollars a month. The people who are on SSI and SSDI are getting nothing! It's food or medicine or a little of each. No one cares.“ To read more comments click here.

Another reader also said, “ I live on a little over 800 a month I'm a senior and it is a struggle to make it every month with rent utilities, food, and other bills that have to be paid. Even with the little help, I get I can't make it. DeSantis needs to think of the elderly, disabled people who need that help midterm election coming up who you going to vote for someone who helps you or not.”

Millions of senior citizens across the United States want to know why they are being excluded from state stimulus relief checks. The last thing anyone wants to do is create a perception that senior citizens do not matter. Seniors are registered voters who are requesting the state government to include them in their stimulus check relief efforts.

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