Multi-Millionaire Darryl Drake Talks About His New Book & Why You Should Invest in Crypto Currency

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Crypto will be the main currency here in the near future. I think everyone needs to get in on this NOW!
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Darryl Drake is a young multi-millionaire who has made his mark in the network marketing world where he has led over 130,000 people to make over $250,000,000 in sales.

Darryl’s strong commitment to helping others seek financial freedom was the inspiration for him to create a credit restoration platform entitled It is with this business that Darryl has become involved in his favorite opportunity investing in his community.

I had the opportunity to talk with Darryl about the keys to success & the power of investing.

Veronica Charnell: You are a very successful entrepreneur. What did you do to develop a successful business model?

Darryl Drake: I believe that educating myself led to success! Being as young as I was when I made my first million, I thought I had a true understanding of success. However as I began to ask my mentors for advice and conducted my own research on the tools needed to obtain financial freedom, I became more aware of the instruments and financial equipment needed to obtain certain levels of success. Goal setting, effective communication, great leadership, and team-building skills are just a couple of tools that were used to create the business model you see today. Once I mastered those things for myself, I then led myself and others to new levels of success.

Veronica Charnell: The Pandemic changed how the entire world conducts business. We are experiencing inflation, how can entrepreneurs continue to make a profit in today’s economy?

Darryl Drake: I think it’s important as entrepreneurs, we evolve with the times. What was working 15 years ago, and what was an opportunity 15+ years ago, may not be one now.

So as entrepreneurs, we can’t get caught up in things staying the same, we have to adapt with the time and be creative.

It is also important to get involved in your communities and environments. This allows an entrepreneur to be aware and possibly foresee certain bumps in the road that could potentially be avoided. That’s one thing I’ve done well, is that I find out about things, and I see things before they become viral.

Veronica Charnell: You are working on a new book. Please tell us more about your book.

Darryl Drake: Yes, I've been working on a book for almost 2 years. It’s going to be exciting that I actually can invite people on a journey through my life. I don’t just talk about what I experienced, I give a roadmap and actual examples. I share what I took away from the experience and what the lesson was learned.

I hope to inspire and give some type of guidance to whoever reads it.
Photo Courtesy of EPI Media Group/ Darryl DrakeNathan Pearcy

Veronica Charnell: Are you planning on teaching how to monetize Nft space, and crypto soon?

Darryl Drake: Yes, I have currently invested in that space and am a part of a platform where I help people get the education they need to make money, manage and invest in these spaces.

Veronica Charnell: If someone is not interested in crypto, are we leaving money on the table in a sense?

Darryl Drake: YES! You’re literally leaving money on the table. I mean LITERALLY. Crypto will be the main currency here in the near future. I think everyone needs to get in on this NOW! I believe when everyone fully understands it, unfortunately, that’s when it’s public and everyone knows about it. Now it’s normal and has lost its significance. It’s almost like if I was trying to tell you “ how important a dollar is” I would be too late!

I think this is important because this is a part of staying ahead of the curve. In the beginning, it seemed like an idea that could work, however now people are actually buying houses, cars, and properties using this currency. Since we see times are changing, we should change!

Veronica Charnell: You are an advocate for community outreach. Do you have any community events planned this year?

Darryl Drake: Around the holiday times I try to contribute to my communities, both online and back home. I have a goal to continue to give back, specifically to my city and other inner cities. I’m excited about that next chapter in my life because it is about what you can give back. I really mean that! I was recently talking to one of my mentors and he shared, he has friends who are giving away and donating 20 or 30 million a year, and they have a long-term goal to donate 200 or 300 million to the charities and causes they believe in. To me, when you get to that level THAT is a success, and I’m really excited about that!

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