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Some Residents Are Force to Move Out Due to COVID-19 Rental Assistance

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Rental Agency is Now Stating They Made a Mistake Asking it’s Residents to Move

Imagine during the height of the Pandemic you are struggling to pay your rent. The Federal Government approves funding for State Governments to pay struggling families Rent and Utilities. Imagine you apply for rental assistance, you get approved for rental assistance, your landlord accepts the funding, and then you receive a letter stating management is not renewing your lease due to receiving assistance.

Well, that is exactly what happened to several residents at Legacy Apartments in Greenville. In February several residents were hand-delivered a letter stating Management will not be renewing your lease due to receiving state rental assistance. One resident told me management informed her she could not stay at this apartment complex if you are receiving assistance.
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I had the opportunity to talk with one of the residents who received one of those hand-delivered letters on her door. For privacy reasons, she did not want to be named. She said Legacy Apartments has been receiving negative publicity since the story aired on local news. Now Management is willing to offer renewal options citing it was a mistake. The resident personally feels it was not a mistake due to the letter that was personally signed by a member of their management team, and she showed me two emails reminding her the lease will be ending soon and she needed to make sure her items were removed from the apartment by March 3rd at 5:00 PM.
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The resident said she has mixed emotions about a company that accepted State Rental Assistance Funding, they made a profit from these funds, added this income to their accounting records, and then ask the residents who received assistance to leave. She went on to say she thinks Legacy Apartments is trying to save its image in Greenville at this point.

In North Carolina, the HOPE Program provided more than $745 million in rent and utility payments for those in need. Across the country, at the height of the COVID-19 rental payment program, nearly half a million households received financial assistance each month.

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