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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Comedian El Gordo Mamon (Julian Gonzalez)

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El Gordo Mamon said, “Being a Latino in this country means a lot because I know the challenges and sacrifices my father went through to provide for his family”.

El Gordo Mamon (Julian Gonzalez ) is a Mexican American stand-up comedian and content creator. Gordo’s rise to fame and influence came about as hundreds of thousands of viewers flocked to his social media pages for laughter. Known for his original, one-of-a-kind relatable skits in both English and Spanish the entertainer consistently brings humor into every home. Born in San Jose and raised in the small farm town of Salinas, California, Gordo grew up surrounded by gangs and violence but he knew early on in his life that his innate gifts of entertaining the world through comedy and humor would take him into a different territory. By the time he entered high school he was dubbed “The Class Clown” and was always the center of attention.

After high school, Gordo joined the military and used his powerful arsenal of jokes and skits to ignite laughter in times of fear. The US Army VET whose missions took him overseas to Iraq continued to study the art of comedy like he studied the art of war, for Gordo his truest form of defense came when he was able to deliver hilarious performances and protect the hearts and minds of his comrades with the best medicine for the soul – laughter. After 3 year of service, Gordo left the military started managing an auto repair shop.

Gordo took his love for comedy to social media creating, writing, and editing relatable and engaging funny videos that proved to attract thousands of viewers worldwide. As his following and influence started to grow, so did the demand for him to do live stand-up comedy shows. After the success of Gordo’s first stand-up comedy show, he continued stand-up comedy for 1 year as writer and producer of “Sports Comedy Night at the Sports Tavern.” Gordo continued to perfect his craft at open mics throughout the state of California working his material and trying out new jokes.

I had the opportunity to talk with Gordo about Hispanic Heritage Month, and the Comedy Industry.

Enjoy the interview.

Veronica Charnell: When did you decide to become a Professional Comedian?

El Gordo Mamon (Julian Gonzalez): I decided to become a professional comedian after attending a local comedy show in Salinas. I always knew that I wanted to do comedy and one night my friend asked me if I wanted to try it out, “I was nervous but excited at the same time”. It was then after doing my first performance on stage that I realized that I wanted to do Stand Up Comedy; April 2018.

Veronica Charnell: Are there any Comedians or Actors in Hollywood who has inspired you?

El Gordo Mamon (Julian Gonzalez): When I first started doing comedy, I looked up to some of the bigger Latino Comedians such as: Felipe Esparza, Fluffy, and George Lopez. However, as I began to work on my craft as a comedian, I started to watch less and less what other comedians did, as I didn’t want to feel like I was “copying” them.

Veronica Charnell: noticed you are a Veteran. Thank you for your service. How did you Entertain the other Soldier’s when you were deployed in Iraq?

El Gordo Mamon (Julian Gonzalez): While in Iraq, I used to perform for my fellow soldiers, we roasted each other, and I played several pranks on them. As the say “Laughter” is the best medicine.
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Veronica Charnell: Do you feel the Entertainment Industry is providing more opportunities for Latinos?

El Gordo Mamon (Julian Gonzalez): I feel that more opportunities are being afforded to Latinos. However, the biggest setback for us as a culture, is NOT supporting one another.

Veronica Charnell: What advice would give other Young Latinos wanting to break into the Entertainment Industry?

El Gordo Mamon (Julian Gonzalez): The advice I would give other young Latinos is Follow your dreams no matter what. If your passionate about your craft, don’t let anything stop you! The journey may not be easy, and you will have a lot of people that may not support your vision/dream, but if your consistent, persistent, passionate, and patient eventually your Dream and Vision will come to fruition.

Veronica Charnell: I notice Your comedy skits are a reflection of your culture. What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

El Gordo Mamon (Julian Gonzalez): It’s an Amazing feeling to be Latino. My father came to this country with nothing! He came here with the “American Dream” like most Latinos do. Watching my father start his own business from scratch and be successful, inspired me to fight even harder for my dreams, just like my father did. So being a “Latino” in this country means a lot because I know the challenges and sacrifices my father had to make to provide a better life for his children.

Veronica Charnell: I recently reviewed your videos on Instagram, can you tell us who are some of the other young Men in the videos?

El Gordo Mamon (Julian Gonzalez): Mike El Barbaro is from Boyle Heights, LA. We both started working together by creating memes. I told Mike that he needed to create his own content and start posting them on all his social media platforms so he can get recognition for his content. Now, he is doing well; putting events for the community and still creating content.

Pranks World is from Inglewood, CA. I met him as he lives down the street from my in laws. He started off by doing funny pranks at several malls and we connected and started creating content together. The internet has brought us together and allows us to consistently create content, even with me living in Salinas. I connect with him and a few other guys when I come into town.
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Veronica Charnell: Do you have any plans to go on a National Comedy Tour?

El Gordo Mamon (Julian Gonzalez): Eventually that is the plan. However, for now I’m continuously practicing my craft by performing at several comedy clubs, working on new content, and creating new skits. I want to be fully prepared when I get that call to go on a National Comedy Tour.

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