President Biden's Auschwitz to Louisiana Caldwell Family's Smuggling Operations Led to Iran Obtaining Ukraine Uranium


This covers the Auschwitz to Louisiana $1.6 trillion rise to power of Caldwell's heroin smuggling empire & processed uranium illegal trafficking operations embroilling Pres Biden & his son, Hunter Biden, in an international toxic waste dumping scandal. In a series of articles, President Biden's Auschwitz to Louisiana path of his Caldwell cousins will be exposed. As their smuggling operations led to Iran obtaining processed uranium by-product, the Ukrainian Caldwell family's heroin operations involved in assisting Hunter Biden's illegal environmental dumping has led to an international terrorism market for the toxic waste garbage his family stole, which ultimately helped Hunter Biden make them fantastically wealthier-$1.6 trillion by a Court ruling in Asia.

The first of four historigraphical articles of the Caldwell family will quickly cover first their past three hundred years mainly their 300 years in growing power across Euroasia and Americans covering the Presidential, Supreme Court, and Congressional issues of the 1800's; secondly, the Caldwell family induced changes from their immigration path to their removal of legal statutes, as well as the fallout of the continued currency terrorism tied to early 1900's; thirdly, the US Civil Rights movements, legal fallout, refusal to change, creation of the Madison Parish gladiator pit up to the beginning of the 2000's; and fourthly, the incredible past 20 years of terrorism and treason as they sold uranium by-product stolen from Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant and illegally aided and abetted its trafficking by bribing and killing witnesses as needed to ensure their growing global threat increased. The Caldwell family dynasty spread uranium by-product nuclear waste water to terrorists and other countries with the help of Laurence Chenier, Dr. Neumann, James Caldwell, Hunter Biden, Jon Guice, FBI Special Agent in Charge Robert King, Michael Johnson, and others. Their story led to their $1.6 trillion financial graft and heroin operations becoming the greatest environmnental dumping catastrophe in Louisiana history and has set the stage for nuclear war in the 2000's. Whether now or in the next century, the documented domestic and foreign enemies of the United States have gained the nuclear weapons-grade material in large part to the aide of the Caldwells-Biden-Chenier-Neumann heroin operations turning into a processed uranium smuggling operations. Their offloading of military nuclear and non-nuclear proliferation weapons has generated a shared Caldwell family arsenal today that can rival the most successful past 1800's Caldwells, circa 1800's military activities of terrorists turned coup d' etat winners, and the impact of this Hunter Biden nuclear environmental dumping scheme will have an extended event horizon.

Finally, a summation regarding the true events that led to the Ukranian-led terrorists slaughtering Russian Federation Justices in the Russian Federation federal courthouse and other acts of provoking violence and terrorism that led to the Ukranian government's trafficking of processed uranium to Iran to enable the Iranian atomic energy commission to create a nuclear state against both United States of America, Russia Federation, and China's specificed written accounts to prevent the further spread of nuclear material to states without stable governments.

A Brief Historigraphy of Biden's family, the Caldwells, and How They Controlled the "Third Reich"

This brutal family empire spans over 300 years in the Dark Ages until the Caldwell family burst upon the scene in the 1800's as leaders of the duchy and originators of the Third Reich, termed as the mistaken understanding of their heroin operation and family's sometimes pseudo-historian and heroin addict, Adolf Hitler, believed they lived in the third century of the Caldwell dynasty. This accounted for the time the Caldwell family labored as beaurocrats and their ultimate rise to slaughter in the Caldwell and formerly German nation controlled, failed state duchy the Caldwells lived in for three hundred years and later ruled by the end of the 1800's.

James Caldwell's family were notorious power-hungry heroin empire builders from the 1800's. James Caldwell's father could not marry just anyone; he wanted to marry to form a lineage transformed into a dynasty by the family's revisionist historians. The Southern US Caldwells had long presented terrorist activities as their force de jeur requirement to not bend to their new immigrant country's mode of statutes. It was imperative that the Caldwell family draw upon their well of supporters. One of the wealthiest happened to have a daughter of an appropriate age. Minsks' family was one of the most trusted advisors to the Confederate Caldwell cousins, who staged an attempt at a coup d' etat in the American Civil War of the 1860's simultaneously to the German Civil War.

The power of the Caldwell family can be traced to extreme historical circumstances. The German and American Civil Wars both tie to Caldwell family empire heroin and human trafficking nightmares that President Lincoln fought furiously to stop. It was the Caldwell family that paid for the assassination of President Lincoln by way of their hard currency withdrawn from their North Carolina bank taken by their family's trusted advisor, Mr. Minsk, and his wife via train to the meeting whereby the Caldwell family payment to assassinate their family's tormentor and Amicus to World Court, President Lincoln, was handed over to John Wilkes Boothe, courtesy the Minsks, Ukranian immigrants to Louisiana. Their wealth was largely built upon the heroin smuggling operations to the Russian monarchy Romanovs after disasterous heroin operations from the northern Artic Circle German duchy started generating poisonous water fatalities that ultimately led to the German King's abdication and repeated admonishments that he was NOT in charge of the failed German state's Caldwell-run duchy. Most importantly, the German King Wilhelm abdicated and fled create the inheritance requirement that any heir of his was to be required to fight all the Caldwells responsible for creating the necessity of his abdication across all family, fiscal, land, government, statutes, and networks, all entities for ten centuries.

German Emperor Wilhelm II, Who AbdicatedPhoto bySunday Herald's article "The Kaiser Abdicates."

Relying heavily upon President Lincoln to win his case, the former German King repeatedly asserted that he was not responsible for what occurred in the German duchy the Caldwells were slaughtering humans wholesale like animals in what became a forerunner to the Gestapo force that the Caldwells instigated, ultimately killing 8 million Jews from 1890-1910's in that duchy alone with no one else to blame for the destruction until their family trained Adolf Hitler and others to allow them to rise to power in the vacuum the Caldwells derived as an escape attempt became imminently necessary after World War One. The abdicated German King, the Consort King of England, ultimately proved through financial transfers the Caldwells-not his family-were responsible for the heroin issues. These Caldwell's currency terrorism issues that President Lincoln began successfully utilizing in World Court proved the Caldwell family's finances were tied to heroin operations. This was a signification reason given for the large payment for the immediate assassination of President Lincoln, as his return to World Court would guarantee that all the Ukranian-German Caldwell heroin operations were outted, which incurred multiple death in prison to execution requirements. Despite the former German King's loss of trade, the Caldwell family's heroin trafficking to the Russian Romanovs were excruciatingly important to their family enterprise and counted upon to sustain their long network of farmers, dealers and agents. Their network relied upon doctors fraudulently committing individuals and killing them after experimenting horrifically on massive amounts of opiods cooked together to create a heroin concoction three times the LSD levels of regular narcotics, usually lethal doses, which became a percentile standard that the recent Caldwell-Biden heroin operations have continued into the recent 2000's heroin trade with Ukraine, which has de-evolved into uranium by-product nuclear waste water poisoned heroin trafficking in an environmental dumping scheme that Hunter Biden netted over $1.6 trillion.

Moreover, these two countries' Civil Wars were linked financially to the Caldwells' terrorist activities and coup d' etats, as the monies sucked out the German vaults of the Canary Island's bank was presented to the North Carolina bank, later turned over to become the Confederate's version of the F.D.I.C., as their $20 billion each inheritance from both of the Caldwells was lauded in Supreme Court filings as the basis for the Confederate dollar currency's backing, which President Lincoln, the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the Congress, and the Department of Justice termed counterfeiting in the legal disputes that followed. Thanks in large part to the work of President Lincoln, Caldwell family became the only family in U.S. history to be the subject of multiple Congressional investigations over multiple centuries, specifically named "a clear and present danger" to the United States of America by President Lincoln and later quoted in Congressional investigations in the 1960's regarding the Caldwell heroin empire's ties to assassinating Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
President Lincoln's Memorial, in an article named, "Statues and Status: Lincoln in Europe"Photo byFig. 3: Paul Bradley, Photograph of Lincoln Monument in Vigeland Park, Oslo, June 2012, http://pauli

The Caldwells built their banks in North Carolina and later Louisiana with similar specifications. They drew upon their family's maintained banks well after the exposure and denouement of their Caldwell family's attempts to overthrow the United States of America to create their own annexed territory that the Confederacy would have paid them tithes for life to generate the Caldwell family's power-standing similar to the beaurocratic standing in their family's failing duchy in Germany they were wanted and fleeing as persons of interest for their mass killings and government collapse they engineered with their currency terrorism, defunding the police initiatives, and destruction of law, most especially the writ of habeaus corpus. The Ukranian Minsks craftily and unabashedly flaunted their family's Caldwell ties with one of the top four largest Confederate monuments and the most marble-endowed Confederate statute to the Civil War. Marrying their heiress was a step toward cementing his family position and guaranteed his subordinates stayed in the rank and file positions from when he came to America. Caldwell's progeniture line was assurred and their rise to power imminent.

Future Third Article: The Caldwells and the Civil Rights Slayings, Including Paying for the Assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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This covers the Auschwitz to Louisiana $1.6 trillion rise to power of Caldwell's heroin smuggling empire & processed uranium illegal trafficking operations embroiling Pres Biden & his son, Hunter Biden, in an international toxic waste dumping scandal

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