Apple plans to launch its own Search Engine and other products to compete against Google

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Apple seeks to expand its market share in the advertising sector, we can see this with the company's new policies for mobile devices and computer equipment, which limit the information that companies such as Google, Microsoft, and META can obtain from their users.

The rivalry between the two companies has existed for many years, and despite the fact, that Google pays Apple $12 billion each year to make it the default Search Engine for the 'Safari' web browser It is normal for strategies to emerge from both parties to expand the market share of their products.

According to several sources, including Arstechnica, Apple would be waging a "silent" battle in the smartphone market, since two former developers of the brand confirmed that this is something that has been coming for a few years since Apple has never been happy with Google for launching the Android operating system, which is used by all mobile devices.

What Apple would be devising is to develop its own search engine, and although it is not a new idea, it is somewhat expensive for the company, since the figure that Google offers for having its default search engine on Apple devices is Nothing to sneeze at, even for the most valued company on the planet.

Apple Search is what the project is called internally, and like Google, it would be a tool to search for information on the Internet. This would allow Apple to gain ground on Google in the information and advertising arena, as it currently accounts for 70.4% of Alphabet Inc.'s total revenue each year.

The company that created the iPhone has always fought for the privacy of its users, which is why this is one of the outstanding features to promote its search engine against that of Google.

Apple Maps is a product that is improving.

Another high-impact product that could hit Google hard would be Apple Maps.

'Maps' did not start on the right foot in 2012, however, Apple has not given up and has improved its application with significant improvements such as the 3D driving mode, Flyover to see well-known cities from the air or a 'Street View' more accurately.

Apple announced a new feature in 'Maps', which will allow users to interact with local businesses, which will allow users to find local businesses faster and easier through the application.

The App Tracking Transparency (ATT) tool allows users to know which app is getting their information in the background. ATT together with Apple Search will be a blow to Google with the lucrative advertising market. Meta (Facebook) has already seen the consequences of ATT's departure since it has reduced its advertising benefits by 58% since Apple does not allow the collection of data from its users through its applications.


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