Uber suffered a cyberattack and user data could be compromised.

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On September 15, 2022, Uber's on-demand transport company alerted the authorities that its computer systems were compromised.

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According to a Tweet published less than 16 hours ago, uber's communication department (@uber_comms on Twitter) informed all its users that they were responding to a cybersecurity incident, in turn, they reported that the respective complaints were made to the corresponding authorities.

The attack was committed by social engineering against an Uber employee, specifically, the account of the business communication server was compromised. As reported by The New York Times.

One of the issues that most worry experts about is that it is not known how much Uber presents this security breach, how much, and what data could be compromised.

We have no evidence that the incident involved access to sensitive user data, (such as travel history), - Uber @Uber_Comms.

This is not an isolated case, since in 2016 Uber would have suffered a security breach of more than 57 million users worldwide. On that occasion, private data such as names, phones, emails, and driver's licenses of more than 600,000 U.S. drivers were compromised.

According to reports from different media, the attacker would be an 18-year-old, who published screenshots declaring his attack as successful and that it was carried out for "fun" against the ride-sharing platform.

The attacker had access to Uber's Amazon Web Services account and so far AWS has not made any statements in this regard.

It is unknown whether the attacker had enough time to download the database of users' cards.

To stay informed about security updates and official communications from uber, you can follow the official account @Uber_Comms (https://twitter.com/Uber_Comms)

Sources: Uber, The New York Times.

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