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New York Eats: The Halal Guys

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When you are in New York, there are plenty of street food vendors selling all types of food like hot dogs, soft serve, popcorn, and more. One of the more popular vendors is halal chicken and rice which is a hearty plate of rice, lettuce, pita bread, and meat served with a drizzle of white sauce. The most popular cart is The Halal Guys which has expanded all over the United States with their delicious food. Since I frequently visited the restaurant in the Bay Area, I knew I had to stop by the original cart where everything started. They are open every day and caters to the late-night crowd since it is usually open until 4 am or 5:30 am on the weekends. Located on W 53rd street, make sure to visit this location for the original one. There are plenty of other carts around them so don’t be deceived by them unless it says The Halal Guys with their signature yellow and red colors. The service is generally pretty fast since everything is ready and they are cooking it on the stop. All of their items are under $10 and you get a pretty big portion with the amount they give.

Known for their platters, you can choose chicken, beef gyro, falafel, or the combo option with the chicken & beef gyro mixed. The small is enough for one meal but the regular is enough for two people to share and fill them up. If you are not interested in a platter with rice, they also offer sandwiches with the same options. Some side dishes are hummus, fries, or baklava to add to your order. I got the combo platter and they filled it to the brim with rice, lettuce, chicken, and beef, and topped it off with their signature white sauce. I also asked for a dab of their hot sauce but make sure to only get a little unless you have a high spice tolerance. Mix everything up and get a bit of everything in one bite and it is absolute perfection. The sauce ties in all the flavors together and the meat is well cooked. You can also ask for more sauce packets if there is not enough. The lettuce adds a nice refreshing crunch to the meal and the rice is not clumpy or mussy. Everything works well and I can see why this is the leading halal street vendor. For the price point and food, this is a huge bang for the buck.

Check out The Halal Guys when you are in the area! They also have a few locations sprinkled throughout the city but always go for the W 53rd Street one since that is the original and nothing beats it!

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