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Are you ready to elevate your taste buds and try innovative noodle dishes? Noodle Theory in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland has one of the best noodle combinations in the Bay Area. I consider myself a huge noodle soup fan and tried many unique variations but was surprised to see the combinations here. Not only do they have a great selection of noodles dish but their menu also has items ranging from cold noodle salads, dumplings and appetizers, sauteed or saucy noodles, and vegetarian sides. With so many options to choose from, you’ll not get bored of the items on this menu. Noodle Theory is currently closed to any type of dining and you have to place an order online for pickup. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will be opening any time soon but I am glad they are still in business so I can order their delicious noodle dishes.

I’ve been to Noodle Theory a few times before the pandemic and during the pandemic. I would have to say they have the creamiest and more unique noodle combination. Even looking at the picture above, you can see how beautiful and rich the broth is! I tried the ranch beef udon in coconut lime curry broth and fried chicken karaage ramen in spicy miso broth. I’ve never seen kaarage in a noodle soup before since it is usually an appetizer and you eat it fresh out of the fryer. Having it in the noodles was an interesting texture but since the texture of the kaarage was crispy, it was not soggy at all and complimented the entire dish. As for the ranch beef udon, this was my all-time favorite. I find myself coming back to this dish multiple times and something about the curry broth just pulls me in each time. If you are looking for a creamy dish, both of these items would be great to try.

Overall, I love how Noodle Theory is innovative and gives you the option to try many different types of noodles and how it is prepared. Their spicy dry sauteed green beans and Brussel sprouts are a great side dish to pair with the richness of the soups. Each entree ranges about $14 so it is more on the pricey side but I can understand the uniqueness and creativeness of the amount of effort that went into these dishes. Noodle Theory is a solid place for pan-fusion food.

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