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Did you go to Portland if you didn't go to Salt and Straw?! If you are looking for exotic and interesting flavors to try, Salt and Straw is the place to go and is an absolute must-visit when you are in Portland. No matter what time and day you go, there is always a line out the door wrapped around the corner. I've been to a Salt and Straw location in San Francisco and enjoyed it so I was excited to try the original one. Instead of getting a cone, I went for the ice cream flight where you get to try 4 different flavors for $9. Before you order, you can also sample as many flavors as you would like although I am not sure how it is depending on their covid restrictions.

Everyone knows that Salt and Straw has the best and unique flavors at the shop. I wanted to be adventurous so I got the olive oil, pear, and blue cheese, honey lavender, and strawberry honey balsamic. Each flavor was unique on its own and they are flavors that I do not see often at any other stores. If I were to rank them from least favorite to favorite, it has to be: olive oil, strawberry honey balsamic, honey lavender, pear, and blue cheese. The first two were too strong and overbearing so I didn't like it as much as the other flavors. However, the pear and blue cheese are a must! I thought it was an off-putting combo at first but surprisingly, it complimented each other well and I barely tasted the blue cheese. What a fun and delicious experience here getting the ice cream flight! I would highly recommend trying out the flavors before you commit because the scoops are huge! A classic flavor I would recommend is their caramel ice cream with the ribbons since it is creamy and is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Overall, when you are in Portland, you must make it a priority to stop by Salt and Straw. A scoop of ice cream here leans towards the more expensive side but they give it to you in a large cone and pack it to the rim so this is still a great value for your buck. There aren't many places where they make unique flavors and make the ice cream in-house so Salt and Straw is a great place to check out!

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