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Alameda Eats: Dragon Rouge for Vietnamese Food

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Located in the plaza just past the Park Street bridge in Alameda, Dragon Rouge has been my favorite for years! I've been here probably more than 10 times and tried most of the items, especially their appetizers and desserts. Dragon Rogue is more on the fancier side for Vietnamese fusion restaurants but it has a beautiful view and dining on the waterfront. They are currently open for indoor and outdoor dining so make sure to stop by for a delicious meal. With so many dishes on the menu, I will be featuring my favorites:

Dizzy dragon roll sampler: If you are indecisive and want a variety of spring/egg rolls, try this sampler. It comes with miniature fried chicken, prawns, pork & taro, and curry potato rolls. There are also a variety of dipping sauces like peanut and nuoc mam! The spring rolls are always wrapped with fresh herbs and vegetables which adds to the lightness of the taste. The crispiness and thin eggroll paper create a perfect contrast with the soft and warm filling. My personal favorite is the pork & taro eggroll. If you order it by itself and not the sampler, it comes with a side of noodles and nuoc mam sauce.

Bouncing beef tenderloin: this is my all-time favorite dish. It comes with a side of lime pepper sauce with a bed of watercress across perfectly sized cubes of the beef. I'm not a fan of watercress but it complemented the beef amazingly. I usually pour the lime pepper sauce to coat the beef. The portion size pairs well with the amount of beef you get. The texture and bounciness of the beef are to die for! Honestly, I didn't have many expectations for this dish but it is delicious!
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Dragon fire garlic basil noodles with bbq chicken: every person I took to Dragon Rouge always orders this dish and loves it. I usually get 10 (the highest for spice level) because I love a good kick. It doesn't appear spicy at first but once you start eating more, you have to keep eating or the spiciness will feel like a slap in the face! Extremely addicting and leaves you craving for more. I've tried it with chicken breast and find the barbecue chicken more flavorful and tastier.

With dessert, my favorite is the mango panna cotta. I've tried all the desserts on the menu and this one tops them all. Love the creamy and silky texture because it melts in your mouth. Topped with shredded mango, the flavor is not too overbearing and creates a nice crunch. Overall, you should check out this place if you want to experience a fusion of Vietnamese food. The service is excellent here and the food is delicious for the price you pay. I would highly recommend if you haven't tried Dragon Rouge yet!

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