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Honolulu Eats: Ono Seafood for Poke Bowls

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Ono Seafood is one of the more popular places on the island to get fresh poke. Before the pandemic, there used to be a long line out the door, and even now, there is still a line no matter what since everyone loves it. The line goes by rather quickly though so don’t be discouraged. Ono Seafood is located in a small plaza with other stores so it is hard to find parking. I would suggest finding street parking instead of turning in at all. During COVID, they are restricting the number of people who can go in and are taking the precautions seriously.

I love coming here for their poke bowls which is such a great price for the amount of food you get. Choose from either the regular or large size and whether you want white or brown rice. I always go for the white rice since it is sushi rice and pairs so nicely with the fresh poke. One Seafood has 9 different flavors of poke to choose from ranging from ahi tuna to tako which is octopus. I usually go for the regular size with white rice and their Hawaiian style ahi and shoyu. They are able to give you up to two flavors if you go for the combo which I love doing so I can try more options. It also comes with a free drink which you can choose from Hawaiian juices or soda in the refrigerator when you order. The service is extremely quick here and they even have a small outdoor area with bench tables for you to enjoy your meal. I usually try to find another spot to eat since there tend to be very aggressive birds around the area that is trying to eat your food.

Ono Seafood also has sashimi trays where it is priced by the market price. It comes with premium ahi on a bed of cabbage served with shoyu and wasabi on the side. I love going for this option where I want to order a pound or two of the fish but do not want the rice included with it. They also have a party platter where you have to request it one or two days in advance for preordering. If you are in the area, definitely check out Ono Seafood since they have one of the freshest poke in town. Each bowl goes for about $11 - $14 depending on the size but it is a hefty amount of fish and comes with a drink. Follow me to see more eats around the island and check out my profile for more food recommendations.

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