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Honolulu Eats: Piggy Smalls at Ward Village

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If you’ve been to The Pig & the Lady in Chinatown, you must try out their sister restaurant, Piggy Smalls, in Ward Village. Located right at the corner and across from Merrimans, they pack a killer menu with items from the flagship restaurant but also their own spin with their soups and soft serve program. You can make a reservation online, call them, or simply walk in. I would highly suggest making a reservation before you come since they tend to book out. If you are looking for parking, there is free parking at the Ward Village parking structure. With a great ambiance and delicious food, here is my food review and experience at Piggy Smalls.

Vegan Pho

A definite must-get when you are here. I’m not a huge fan of vegan food but once I saw this on the menu, I was intrigued. The server mentioned this is one of the top items people get and the broth is actually shiitake-based soaked for over 24 hours so I must try it. Upon receiving it, you can already smell the rich broth flavor. Prepped with rice noodles, enoki mushrooms, tomato, okra, fried shallots, and topped with a bunch of scallion and onions on top, this was a flavor explosion and ultimate game-changer. I immediately tried the broth first and this is one of the heartiest broth I’ve tried. Order this during a rainy day and you will immediately feel warm and comforted instead. Each vegetable paired well with the broth and you will definitely devour this in minutes.

LE fried chicken wings

Probably their most popular item on the menu. Under shared plates, this dish is twice-fried to create the crispiest outside and cooked in a sweet and savory sauce. The plate comes with six wings that were quite large and I was getting full just from eating 2-3 wings alone. You must order this dish when you are here. They weren't kidding when they say it is money sauce because it is tasty and so rich. Pretty much every table in the restaurant had a plate of these wings as their appetizer.


Banchan’s crispy cheese dumplings

Not a dish I usually see in restaurants. The dish comes topped with a huge amount of microgreens to pair with the soy vinegar dipping sauce. Upon receiving it, I was surprised since these are not standard dumplings. The dumplings are pork and scallion-filled and are actually pan-fried with cheese curds to create a “shell” on top. You can break each piece with a piece of cheese and I find this quite unique. The dipping sauce is definitely on the heavier and saltier side so make sure to pair it with the greens.

Overall, I had a great experience at Piggy Smalls. Their kitchen and bar are open concepts so you can see what they are doing. The ambiance is great and I can see this as a great date spot to enjoy good food and drinks. The service is excellent and the staff is sweet and very accommodating if you make food substitutions. I would highly recommend Piggy Smalls and give them an 8.5 out of 10.

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