Top One Tip to Stop Procrastination Forever

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I'm sure everyone has items and projects on their lists that have been there for a while and tend to procrastinate and push it off. In the digital world that we live in, there are also so many distractions like social media which makes it difficult to concentrate and really put yourself in a focused mindset. Everyone has small things on their to-do list like finishing a mindless task for work or cleaning your room so how exactly do we overcome and get the motivation to check off our items? If you're looking for ways to stop procrastination and start reaching your goals, here is my top tip for overcoming my fear of doing something and actually finishing my task.

Just five minutes.

And that is all you need. Think about it. Tackling a task that you don't even want to start can be daunting. Figuring out how long it'll take you to finish is even worse. However, set a five-minute timer and just start. It doesn't matter if five minutes is not enough to finish the task; it's more about getting started and slowly easing your mindset into heading towards that direction.

With big goals that influence our lives, it's usually the fear associated with the task that makes us intimidated to start. We tend to procrastinate and try to put it off until we have no other choice and start halfheartedly from the deadline pressure. Doing something for five minutes seems simple enough to trick your mind psychologically and once you start, you realize it was never too bad to begin with and it was only the fear of starting that makes you procrastinate. Get into that five-minute zone and start cranking through it.

When we procrastinate, our minds try to find ways to focus on more "productive" or urgent things to do in the meantime but we are only stalling. If you're thinking about the project each day, you might as well start with five minutes and gradually increase the time throughout the period until you finish. After trying this trick for a few months, I find myself changing my mindset into thinking that five minutes is really all I need to start my projects and will make me one step closer to accomplishing my goals. I hope this tip will be helpful for you to tackle the items you want to accomplish and stop procrastinating. Let's make 2021 the year where we work towards our best selves and strive towards goals that will make us happy.

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