A Kenyan who brings water for thirsty wild animals in the jungle is called ‘water man’


Kilonzo MwaluaBelinda Mallasasime

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua was born in Kajire in Taita county, southern Kenya, an area that’s known for having many wildlife parks with a wide variety of animals. As a little boy, he was quite familiar with animals as he’d had several encounters with animals such as buffalos, elephants, zebras, and antelopes. Soon he began to develop an interest in animals and would later go ahead to acquire training in animal healthcare and work in a conservation organization.

According to him, he started doing this in March 2016 when he saw a buffalo sniffing at an empty water hole. He could tell the buffalo was thirsty. This was the moment it occurred to him that the drought could make the animals invade the humans’ settlement in search of water and this could be disastrous for both the animals and the humans. So he came p with a brilliant idea. He decided that he was only going to work as a pea farmer during the day and use his evenings to bring water to the animals to prevent them from going into the villages in search of water.

He began making the trip five times daily and would spend several hours on it before returning home at night, all at his personal cost. Talk of passion.

Kilonzo MwaluaBelinda Mallasasime

According to him, the drought in that region is so severe that if he didn't bring water to them, they'd die. The animals have become so accustomed to getting water from him that they're often seen waiting around the water holes

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