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Trendy New Dessert Shop to Open in Montclair Soon

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Montclair is now home to a new unique doughnut shop. The focus of the new store will be a "mochinut" a sort of hybrid between an American style doughnut and Japanese style rice cake, otherwise known as mochi.
Mochinut Flavors

The owners and operators of Ani Ramen House have recently announced that they're opening one of their Mochinut locations in Montclair at 349 Bloomfield Avenue. The news comes on the heels of a recent opening in Summit, the first Ani Ramen/Mochinut location that serves as a grab-and-go walk-up kiosk with a limited selection. There are also locations in Fort Lee, Paramus, and Norwood. The owners have stated that the Montclair location will offer more of a full menu that includes boba tea, Korean hot-dogs, and doughnuts.
Fort Lee Location

The unique treat has taken the internet by storm this past year and garnered attention amongst younger crowds for it's aesthetically pleasing shape that consists of 8 small round and delicate dough balls connected to form a circle. Mochinuts taste considerably different from a typical doughnut however. They have a light and crispy coating with a soft and chewy inside. Because Mochinut donuts are made with rice flour, they are also stretchy and chewy. There is a considerable sticky addictiveness to each bite, a texture that that is completely different from your typical yeast or cake donuts.

Customers can expect 25 different flavors of mochinuts including Nutella, churro, strawberry funnel cake, and matcha. Mochinuts are sold at $30 for a dozen or $16.50 for a half dozen. They can be individually purchased for $2.50 each. Boba lovers can rejoice in the fact that there are also 6 different variations of the popular style of drink offered including ube, matcha, brown sugar, thai tea, coffee, and milk tea. By far one of the most aesthetically pleasing drinks on their menu is the brown sugar boba pictured below.
Brown Sugar Boba

Mochinut is also home to the Korean style hotdog. A food that's typical in appearance and taste to a corndog. A Korean hot dog is made from either sausage, cheese, or a combination of the two. It's then skewered and coated in a sweet flour batter before rolled in a layer of toppings. Mochinut offers 6 different toppings including potato, cheddar cheese, hot Cheetos, and crispy ramen. Rice hotdogs cost between $2.50 and $4.99 depending on toppings.
Mochinut Hotdogs Served on a Stick

Although there hasn't been an official opening date as of yet, owners hope to have things running before the end of November. For all official news and updates, you can follow the Mochinut Instagram account here.

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