7 Instagram Worthy Breakfast Spots in SoHo

Vanessa Vanacore

There is simply nothing better than starting your day off with a solid breakfast in a gorgeous location. After all, it is known as the most important meal of the day, so why not do it right?

Head to these spots if you’re not only looking for some great food, but some great instagram content as well because let’s be real, we all know the phone always eats first…

  1. Ruby’s Cafe

Ruby’s Cafe actually has 3 locations throughout the city, one in SoHo, Murray Hill and the East Village. This cash-only Australian cafe attracts a hip stylish crowd and is known for it’s bright and colorful aesthetic and iconic mason jar drinks. The perfect prop for your next insta.


2. Bubby’s

All pancake lovers listen up. Bubby’s is known for their delicious, customizable, and total insta-worthy pancakes and they do not disappoint. Located just west of SoHo they offer breakfast every day from 8am-4pm


3. Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs

This restaurant actually looks like it was taken straight out of a street from Europe and we’re so obsessed with it. You’re gonna wanna take so many pictures outside the front door.


4. Two Hands

Another Australian cafe, it seems like the Australians really have the vibey, bright lit breakfast aesthetic down to a science. Their avocado and salmon toasts are so aesthetically pleasing, not to mention their paper coffee cups.


5. NOMO Kitchen

Once arriving at NOMO, you’re not even gonna know where to start snapping pics. The front walkway entrance looks as if you’re entering a gorgeous garden wedding. The graffiti walls inside are super bright and the perfect backdrop to a fire insta, and the food is so photogenic you’re gonna wanna order everything off their menu.


6. The Butcher’s Daughter

Known for their beachy relaxed aesthetic, the Butcher’s Daughter is like taking a trip out into the country side of a town out West somewhere. They offer vegetarian (mostly vegan) food and juices that come in super cute glass bottles with striped straws that you’re definitely gonna wanna pose with for Instagram.


7. Urban Backyard

Although they don’t have a super huge breakfast menu, sometimes the basics are all you need. This cafe is so gorgeous and one of a kind, it’s definitely worth the visit. Even if all you do is snap pics the entire time. We promise no one is judging you.


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