The Alt-Right’s Feminist Hatred Runs Deeper Than We Thought

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And what this means for the group of people the Alt-Right hates the most by NEOSiAM 2020 via Pexels

The 2016 election delivered an electric shock that breathed life into the alt-right like the shock that brought Frankenstein’s monster to life. The power behind the shock was hatred. White-hot, racist, homophobic, sexist, “f*ck your feelings” hatred.

If there’s one thing we have come to understand about the alt-right it’s that its foundation is built on hate and the concept of collectively loathing the same things. There’s a unity that comes from hating all of the same people. A dysfunctional unity, but a unity nonetheless.

When a xenophobic man took the stage over several months and won a fight against a liberal woman, the alt-right felt empowered. When Trump openly made comments mocking and showing intolerance for minority groups, the alt-right was emboldened. They felt they had a leader now. He was one of them despite the fact that they had nothing in common except one thing: disdain for anyone not like them.

But, where does this hatred come from and how deep does it run?

Following the 2016 election, two psychologists, Patrick Forscher and Nour Kteily, set out to create a psychological profile of the alt-right, to figure out what makes them tick and what they believe.

As part of the study, hundreds of people who identified as alt-right were shown a picture we’re all familiar with of the evolutionary chart showing the process from ape to caveman to fully upright human.

They were then given a list of several groups of people and asked to slide a button over to show where on the evolutionary scale they felt each belongs.

Some results did not surprise me. Of course, they found white, American men to be the most evolved of all groups, ranking them at 91.8% evolved. Some results disturbed me down deep in my core.

Visible displays of hatred by the alt-right have been splashed all over our TV screens the last four years:

  • The Unite the Right rally where men in polo shirts carried tiki torches and chanted “Jews will not replace us?” They labeled Jews 73.09% evolved.
  • The “We Build the Wall” fundraiser that fraudulently raised over $25 million to help build a private border wall? They labeled Mexicans 67.75% evolved.
  • The counterprotests at Black Lives Matter rallies where men wore shirts emblazoned with the Proud Boys logo? They labeled Black people 64.72% evolved.
  • The insurrection at the Capitol Building? They labeled liberals 60.3% evolved.

As aware as we are of this level of hatred, there was one number I didn’t see coming. All the way down toward the bottom of the list, barely above Muslims who they ranked as 55.4% evolved— feminists. They ranked feminists as only 57.22% evolved. Mind. Blown.

The role of women in the alt-right

This is not to say that the alt-right hates all women. The alt-right still has some reverence for women, hence rating us 83.12% evolved in Forscher and Kteily’s study, ironically higher than Donald Trump who came in slightly lower at 82.82%, but the level of hatred is conditionally based on whether or not we fall in line with the roles and ideals men in the movement hold for women.

Women are a necessity to the alt-right, but it’s just this side of The Handmaid’s Tale.

They will praise and revere women who embrace traditional, archaic roles that dictate a woman must: bear as many children as possible, serve her husband, keep her mouth shut and the house clean, and look hot as hell while doing all of the above.

The alt-right needs women like this on the inside to recruit more women to succumb to life as it was in the ’50s before we could open bank accounts without our husband’s permission. They spread the gospel. Without them, the alt-right is nothing more than an army of incels.

Any woman who differentiates herself from a doormat goes against the alt-right’s agenda. If you stand in the way of the agenda, you’re subhuman. A + B = C

Hillary Clinton

There’s an intersection where all of this comes together and the hatred hits its apex. That intersection is Hillary Clinton. Forscher and Kteily’s study was done shortly after the 2016 election where Clinton won the popular vote but Trump won the electoral college votes.

When the study participants were asked to place her on the scale, they placed her at the very bottom at only 54.83% evolved.

This explains why the alt-right has a hard time letting go of things like Bengazi. Essentially, despite a House Committee finding no evidence of wrongdoing by Clinton in relation to Bengazi, the alt-right is angrier at her than at the radical Islamists who carried out the attack. They think more highly of them than her.

The alt-right can’t give up on blaming Clinton for Bengazi. It creates too much cognitive dissonance. What would be worse in their ideology is to accept she was not at fault. If they do that, their hierarchy of sub-human evolution falls to pieces. They hold the truth that Clinton is less evolved than Muslims, therefore they can’t be blamed over her.

Members of a club that wouldn’t have them as members

There is something I can’t wrap my brain around. Being anti-feminist means being anti-woman. That’s plain and simple. Of course, I’ve heard numerous times that men feel the converse is true. If you’re a feminist, you’re anti-men.

Notably, most people who identify and alt-right are men. Most, but not all. There are women inside these groups, as well, and that terrifies me.

The women inside this movement aren’t at the forefront, though. Of course, there are anomalies, highly visible women of the alt-right who serve to promote its ideals — Lauren Southern, Lana Lokteff — even if it means acknowledging themselves as lesser beings.

The women of the alt-right are willing to forgo their own advancement in order to advance all other parts of the alt-right agenda.

Is that was they want and how they truly believe it should be? If these women are in with other ideologies of the alt-right, have they fully surrendered their own power and fulfilled the dutiful role of staying home while the alt-right men go off and wage war? Perhaps this explains the lack of women at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

What this means for women politically

The alt-right is going to protect their own non-scientifically based hierarchy of evolution at all costs. They have established a status quo that they will not allow to be shaken. Its ramifications for women are staggering.

They elect men who represent their interests. It doesn’t matter who that man is as long as they think he’ll take care of them and voting him in keeps a woman out. Mitch McConnell had an approval rating of just 39% going into the 2020 election but won his race over challenger Amy McGrath by a staggering 20 points. The devil they know is better than the devil they don’t know.

Women in the 117th Congress hold only 27% of the House seats and 24% of the Senate seats. Sadly, those low numbers are records.

This is how Roe v. Wade gets reversed. This is how the wage gap never gets smaller. This is how the Violence Against Women Act reactivation gets put to bed before it even hits the Senate floor. This is how the Equal Rights Amendment hangs out in limbo, unpassed, for 98 years.

Birth control undermines racism. Abortion undermines racism. How can the alt-right possibly repopulate the country with a literal army of white kids when women can take control of their own fertility and don’t even have to get their husband’s permission to do so?

Careers undermine racism. Women’s salaries undermine racism. How are women going to be satisfied tending to a home and bearing children if they have the opportunity to make their own money and find satisfaction and acknowledgment in the workplace?

The alt-right must be melting down over Kamala Harris. If they hated Hillary, I can’t imagine they’re not frothing at the mouth over a half-Black, half-Asian woman in a mixed marriage, who has never borne a child and made Brett Kavanagh cry is Vice President.

She is a hero for little girls and the alt-right’s worst nightmare. Their efforts to block her from taking the next step and elevating her position in the White House in 2024 is going to be grotesque and we have to spend the next four years anxiously bracing ourselves for it.

This is nothing more than their own fear-mongering. To put a fine point on it, the alt-right is terrified of feminists.

Think about it this way, the alt-right would rather be on a plane with members of Al-Queda than in a conference room with a woman leading a seminar on sexual harassment.

If there is any group of people that can take their entire world and light it on fire, it’s feminists and that is a very powerful place for us.

Women’s autonomy is a massive threat to the alt-right, and yet, I don’t think women understand to what extent. If there is hope, it doesn’t lie in the proles, it lies in women.

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