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Travelling alone is a dream for many, going an adventure without having to count on anyone, and being free to travel without hindrance and restrictions. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to follow this journey of solo trips, for both long or short trips. These are perfect experiences to get to know yourself, make new friends and improve your adaptability. Although it is true that travelling alone can make you more vulnerable, with a little common sense you can easily avoid risks and unpleasant situations like in everyday life.

If it's your dream to travel, leaving everything behind and packing only the bare essentials to start a holiday on your own: take a look at my 6 tips to better organize this adventure. Yes, because as great as the thrill of exploring the world alone is, you must not forget to organize your travel itinerary as much as possible and, before departure, gather all the necessary information about the countries you wish to visit.

So here are the tips to organize your next solo trip and travel alone without problems!

For how long should I leave? What to pack?

A couple of days? Two weeks? A whole gap year? Knowing the duration of your trip is the most important to organize yourself the best. Once the times and duration have been established, you need to determine where you will travel and the countries you want to visit. This will be the starting point for deciding how to leave: what kind of backpack or suitcase to bring, the type of clothing to travel with and all the things you may need. Try to choose your travel destination according to your interests, but keeping your limits in mind, and remember that it is not the kilometers that make a journey, but the experiences that enrich you day after day along the way.

Where to go? And when is the right period of time?

Do you want to experience the Amazon Forest? Discover the indigenous peoples of Africa or try some delights of traditional Japanese cuisine? Superb, but you have to plan it in time and carefully analyze times and, above all, costs. As I said above, it is important to know what your limits are and the budget you are willing to spend : decide how far you can go and how you can tackle the travels you can do alone.

Get informed : save time and money!

We recommend that you read as much as possible about your travel destination and thoroughly inform yourself about the countries you plan to visit. Next, make a list of everything that interests you and that you absolutely want to see: museums, local attractions, particular neighbourhoods, hidden beaches, typical restaurants. In this way you will not waste time wandering around in circles and you will always have an alternative plan to better organize your days as a lonely traveler.


If you plan to travel by plane to your travel destination, book it well in advance - prices are significantly cheaper if booked months in advance. If you already know your destination, don't wait too long to book. In addition, it is advisable to book a hotel or hostel where you can spend the first night in the new country. If this seems like an excessive precaution, write down at least some address or telephone number that will be useful upon arrival.

Documents to take when traveling

Check carefully the documents you will need to travel, the expiration dates, stamp duty and everything necessary for their validity. We recommend that you photocopy them, so you don't have to carry them around with you all the time. In addition to always carrying a copy of the documents, remember to write down the telephone number of the Consulate or Embassy in the country where you are.

Health and organization

It seems obvious to say it, but health is the most important thing for the success of a trip. And even more so if you are traveling alone. Before leaving, do all routine medical checks to verify that you are in good health, if you need to carry out the necessary vaccinations and buy any medicines that may be useful during the trip.

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance, many do not think about it, but it is really important to be able to travel with the peace of mind of being covered whatever happens, especially when you intend to travel alone in the world.

One of the most common concerns when traveling is getting good medical care when needed. Travel health insurance guarantees quality assistance at all times and without the need to anticipate additional costs.

Travel alone when you are woman

Traveling alone as a woman means overcoming our fears, sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone and wanting to spend some time only with yourself. Going on a trip alone, especially the first time, requires a lot of courage, willpower and determination.

One tips I would recommend is to share your itinerary with someone your trust. Keep them informed about your accommodation and flight details, full itinerary, credit card and travel insurance details, etc. "Plan ahead of time how you’ll check in and how often. Whether it’s through daily emails, texts, social media updates, or regular Skype chats. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you keep a consistent schedule. Staying in touch is a way to assuage the fears of your loved ones, but if you find yourself in trouble, they would also be able to locate you much more easily than if you had been vague about your whereabouts," says McCulley.

Act like you know where you are and what you're doing: Try not to look scared, lost or confused when you're going somewhere as it makes you seem vulnerable. If you think you've lost your way or feel uncertain, seek help from someone reliable. "The key is confidence, especially when it comes to safety. Even if you've no idea where you're going or feel unsure about the route, keep your head up and act like you know exactly where you are headed. This way, you're less likely to look like a potential target," says Bantis.

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