How to travel on a budget - The Guide!


You do not need to be rich or come from a wealthy family to travel. You neither have to rob a bank or win the lottery – even tho that would be great! And unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees. When it comes to the topic on how to travel on a budget, so many questions are asked and we are here to answer them.

You do not need to be rich to travel. Traveling the world at a minimal cost sounds amazing right ? Of course, there are expenses you can't really jump such as the travel insurance which is a must while traveling, anywhere you go! The price of flights tickets are also kinda expensive, I agree. But there's many others ways to save money on travel. If you are interested to know them, keep reading. How to travel on a budget ?


If you’re travelling on a budget, the first thing you need to come up with is a plan. It doesn't require the exact itinerary minute-by-minute, just an idea of which cities/countries you wanna visit, in which order, and how long you're willing to stay at a place. That way, it's leaving less to risks for unforeseen spends – last minute bookings frequently undeniably more costly, but this is what we will be talking later on.


This is called ''the shoulder season'', when you decide to travel just before or after the holidays seasons. If you can, avoiding to travel in the holiday season is 50% saved on a travel. In this period, they often increase the prices of everything : flights, accommodation, food, to take advantage of these people that can only travel during this period.

Moreover, if you decide to travel while the shoulder season you will have so many more advantage : places won't as as crowded as holiday seasons, price are usually much cheaper to attract people to travel during this period, and so you will save some dollars.


Moving around inside one country can be done is affordable ways. A journey by bus will take longer than a journey by train, but considering that the price can be 50% it’s generally worth the time. When visiting a city, you can walk and bike instead of using public transports.

In addition, if you are thinking in moving with a taxi, keep in mind that it exist services like Uber, Grab, Gojek, Lyft, Easy Taxi…that will always be cheaper than a taxi. The price is set when you order you car, the risk of scam is minim.


With all honesty, flights are the most expensive expense while traveling. In order to find the cheapest flight, we spend hours on Skyscanner trying to find the best deal, and we book our flights in advance. Buying round-trip flights are also a great way to save some dollars! Last minute bookings frequently undeniably more expensive.


Now, you're probably asking why should I travel light ? If I pack heavy, it will only break my back, not my bank account.. Well yes and not. See it in this way : if you break your back then you have to spend money at the hospital, which isn't the purpose here.

Traveling light is mostly to avoid extra cost while booking a train, bus or flight. Most of the time, when you buy a ticket you will also have to pay extra money for you baggage, and the price of this may vary according to the weight of your baggage.

Then, packing intelligently means don't take useless stuff – for example if you go in a snowy destination do not take dresses and swimsuits. Also by intelligently I mean check the weather, and make sure you pack everything necessary for your destination so you don't have to spend extra money on the spot. The only money I allow to spend, is in souvenirs!


For budget-conscious travelers, this may be one of the most important qualities. BE FLEXIBLE. Being able to ditch plans and change things last minute allows you to take advantage of the offers and opportunities that arise on your journey. Don't be tied to your plans.


Nowadays, I know there's a tons of attracting plans your phone provider may offer you for when you're deciding to go abroad, but it will never be as cheap and as good as a local sim card. Getting yourself a local sim card will first be cheaper than any of the deals your own sim card might offer to you, and secondly your internet connection will 99% be more effective with a local provider.


This could be one of the most rewarding way to travel on a budget. Why not giving back your happy mood, your stories, your good vibes, your skills, while getting an accommodation for free? You have CouchSurfing, Wwoofing, Worldpackers, and a tons of volunteer abroad organizations ready for you.


It's not just only about saving on accommodation, it's also about saving on meals. Whenever we can, we cook our own food. Stay away from the junk and street food, and fill your basket with fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only your wallet will thank you for this, but also your body. Otherwise, we love to try local restaurant that are usually cheaper and tastier than the ‘tourist trap’ places.


Saving money on travels is good, but why not making money while traveling?

Teach English online (any language you speak) : These days, you just need is a decent internet connection and a webcam in order to get a job teaching English. All you need, is a bachelor’s degree as well as a year’s worth of teaching experience to qualify.

Our Instagram is bringing a little income : This is not a secret anymore – social media pay. Whether you’re doing Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube or Pinterest seriously, you can make an extra income, or even a full income via social media.

Find temporary work at your destination : This can be paid or unpaid job. I’m not gonna write much about the ‘paid’ part, as you can find job as receptionist, waiter, or chef. However, talking about ‘unpaid job’, I’m referencing to WWOOFing. It’s a way to give a service to someone in exchange for free accommodation. Usually, you can find volunteer jobs in farm or hostels.

Freelances job : A freelance job is one when a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. There are jobs for all type of kind, and depending on your skills you can find something that suits you. Here are some examples : web development, teaching, tutoring, blogging, graphic designing, translation, photography, social media management, logo design, illustration.

Lots of love, Valerie & Alex xx

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