13 best places to visit in Austria


Austria is a beautiful country destination, from historical sites to untouched landscapes, with almost 40 million visitors per year.
After some weeks exploring this country while our Europe road trip, here is the list of our 13 best places to visit in Austria.



Firstly, Hallstatt is a peaceful village located in the Salzkammergut region. Located right in front of Hallstatter lake, the town is known for its production of salt that goes back 7,000 years ago. Moreover, you can rent a small boat to have a different view of this unique place or even go on a ferry.

Unfortunately, due to her picturesque beauty, it's a really touristic destination. Therefore, we don't suggest to arrive there in the peak hours, it could ruin your experience.



This cave is unique, gigantic, unremarkable, so that's why it's one of Salzburg’s most popular attractions for many decades.

During the peak season in July and August and especially during midday from 10 am to 2 pm and as a bad-weather alternative, there can be large crowds.

The cave is close in winter season, and sadly, taking pictures is not allowed inside the cave.

Regular ticket price: 24€ or 12€ without car cable.
The footpath is over alpine terrain - about 1.5 hours!
Combo tickets are available for family check out the official website


Vienna is a magical city full of history and elegance, and as any other destination, Austria’s capital has its own spectacular story to tell!

It's a home of great artists that have left their mark on history like Klimt, Mozart and Freud. You can also take part at spectacular concerts of Strauss and Mozart in the Kursalon of Vienna, the very place where Johann Strauss himself used to direct his orchestra from the position of first violin.

Vienna is charming, and for that reason it really deserves to be one of the most livable cities in the world.



The Austrian town of Salzburg is most famous for being the birthplace of the classical composer Mozart, but has so much more in terms of historical sights and fun attractions.

If you are into Medieval and Baroque architecture, this town should be in your bucket list.

Furthermore, The Salzburg Old town is part of UNESCO World Heritage.


The Gollinger waterfall is located at Golling an der Salzach, in the region of Salzburg. It consist of two major plunges; the lower part of the Gollinger waterfall is 28 meters high and the upper part 45 meters.

Austria counts many waterfalls, but this one is certainly the most scenic we saw.

The ticket price is only 3€, but the gates are open all day long. If you are an early morning person you could decide to go before the gates open.

Opening time: 9am - 6pm

Parking: free



This breathtaking beautiful Austrian mountain lake with a heart form makes it a great hiking destination. The lake is located 1970 meters above sea level, is 72 meters deep and is right at the border with Switzerland. It provides several walking paths which offers lots of different panorama of this beautiful lake.

You access this lake by cable car or by walk.
Drive all the way up to the place called Schattenlagand, and there you'll find a cable car with a ticket cost of 8€ one way. Please note that the cable car operates until mid of October only.

There is also an easy path to walk all around the walk, about 6 km long. Really relaxing walk, it offers many different views of the lake.


Located in the Tyrol region of Austria, Lake Plansee is the second largest water body found in this region.

Lake Plansee is really popular with joggers, Nordic walkers, hikers, cyclists and bikers for a simple reason: it's an amazing location where to spend one day or more in the nature.

Diving in the lake is possible, and the underwater world of Lake Plansee is varied and has a lot to offer for divers.



Hohenwerfen Castle stands high above the Austrian town of Werfen in the Salzach valley. The castle is surrounded by the Berchtesgaden Alps and is 900-year-old. This majestic fortress was our favorite to visit in Austria.

Regular ticket price: 16.50€, or 12.50€ without car cable.


Fuschl Am See is a little village of 1512 inhabitants only. It overlooks the lake Fuschl and offer a variety of wonderful walks.

You can walk around the circumference of the lake, which take you away from the lake, offering views of the village from a variety of diverse places. The round tour is 12km in total.

Meanwhile, if you have spare time, you could simply retreat in one of the hotels around the lake and enjoy the sound of the nature. The pier in the bottom picture allows you to refresh into the water.



The Großglockner High Alpine Road is a 48 km long private road which crosses the Hohe Tauern National Park between the regions of Salzburg and Carinthia.

It is surely one of the most scenic driving route in Europe. The road starts in the town of Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße and end in Heiligenblut, with an altitude from 750 to 2,570 meters.

Along the way there are 12 information points, exhibitions, playing areas, restaurants and many scenic spots. The journey time (without stops) is on average of an hour and an hour and a half.


The Olperer Hütte is a well known refuge located 2,388 meters high in the Zillertal Alps, Tirol.

The refuge is reachable by a 80-90 minutes trekking from the parking lot at Schlegeis Stausee

The best way to arrive there is by car, but be aware, they charge 12€ for a "suspicious" tollway in the mountains just 8 kilometers before the parking lot. Therefore, to avoid spending money, we parked before the toll and hitchhiked until the trail's starting point. We easily got a lift in less than 5 minutes both ways.



The bridge is suspended at a height of 114 meters, linking the Ehrenberg ruin with Fortino Claudia. With a length of 406 meters, the "Highline179" is considered, according to the Guiness book of records, "the longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in Tibetan style".

Needless to say that the view in breathtaking and worth every single cents.

Regular ticket price: 8€.
For more information at the official website click here.


The abbey is a must see in Melk, a small riverside town on south bank of the Danube River in the Wachau Valley.
The Abbey is built on a bluff overlooking the Danube River to the northwest and the town center to the south.

Ticket price: 7.50€

Tourism in Austria increase every year and it's not a surprise. This country has so much to offer and is the ideal travel destination for nature lovers.
Enjoy your travel, be adventurous and create memories!

Lots of love, Valerie & Alex xx

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