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A question we get asked a lot is "How do you take your couple pictures? or "Who is taking your picture?". Well, this is not a secret anymore that our beloved tripod follows us wherever we go! Actually, people tend to think we have a photographer following us everywhere. Although this isn't true, in some situations we wish we had someone to help us. So, how do we take couple pictures?

Invest in a tripod

First of all, this is the first thing you should invest in! We love taking pictures by ourselves and be completely free. Equally, using a tripod means you can set up the camera exactly the way you want it to be.

Opposite way, you could also ask a stranger to take your picture but it's either a bomb shot, either a big flop. On the top of that, you might not be able to share real emotions and feel comfortable in front of a stranger who probably doesn't even know how to use a camera.

Plan the shot

Before heading for a photoshoot, we first always surf through Pinterest and Instagram to find inspiration. Sometimes, for a photo to be perfect, it will need a plan ahead of time.

Use self timer - wireless remote

After your camera is all set, it's the time to take the picture. You will have to set your camera to Interval Timer mode and set the interval - depending on the picture we wanna capture we usually set it to take 1 picture every 3 seconds for 2 minutes. That way, your camera will do its job without you have to touch anything, and you can just focus on enjoying the moment and capture true happiness.

Another way that works as well but we don't practice, is to use a wireless remote app that lets you operate your camera through your phone.

Composition is key

You need to frame the shot. First, take a few shots yourself to figure out what angle works the best. Second, make sure your place yourselves thoughtfully in the photo. In this case, the good side of being two, is that usually either one of us will stand in front of the camera while the other person sets up the shot. And third, make sure the focus is on you.

Stay natural, enjoy yourself, and capture emotions

You can totally tell in photos if people are having a good time! Telling you this from experience, no one will appreciate a picture where your clearly see nothing about the picture was spontaneous or real. In fact, you need to make your audience feel something through the picture - this is how you will get amazing couple pictures. After all, don't take yourself too seriously and cherish the moment! We often realized that the pictures we love the most are the ones where we are not 'posing'.

Don't feel embarassed

It's not a news, we always have so many people staring at us when taking pictures! And at the beginning, we both used to feel so embarrassed and judged... Besides, with the time you will learn to don't and this is the sentence you should tell yourself : "They are strangers and I shouldn’t care what they think." You should only care about trhe fact that you are creating memories that will last for a lifetime!

Be creative

There are three major factors to be creative : the angle, the position, the outfit.
- Angle : try different angle! Does it look better form close or far? From upper or lower? Zoomed or wide? Try, take your time, and don't get the same shot as everyone!
- Position : the advantage of being two, is that you can play around to get amazing couple pictures. sit, sit looking at each other, sit laughing, sit on one another, one sit towards the camera, the other backward etc... For instance, there are a tons of position that you can opt for. Jump, stand, kiss, on the shoulder, dancing etc... Try and be creative! We love to surf on Pinterest to have some couple inspiration.
- Outfit : taking a picture in a jogging won't touch as much as taking a picture in a cute dress. Also, try to get matching outfit - it means, do you wanna pop out in the picture? Then, wear colorful clothes. Or do you want the background to pop? The, wear soft colors. Another major fact is to use accessories! A hat, a scarf, an umbrella, try and add a bit of movement in the picture.

Another way of being creative, is to take pictures at night. Regarding the camera settings, it's more complicated and it takes time to learn! But definitely worth the work and time. At night time you can play with the light : lighter, lantern, small lamp, sparkles and light string are few examples. Moreover, if you are good with Photoshop, you could even add a firework and the milky way.

Wake up early

Is it not a secret anymore that the best shots happen in the morning? In fact, at sunrise you have the perfect combination : the light is gorgeous, and most of the people are still asleep. Likewise, this period of time is call the Golden Hour and is photographer's paradise. Not only the daylight is great, but shooting in the early morning makes us feel less rushed and pressured for the only reason that you won't feel observed.

Learn how to edit pictures

Last but not least, is the edit ! If you know how to edit a picture you're already half way of getting an amazing shot. To edit our pictures we use Lightroom, and it's incredible all the things you can do with this editing software. Editing has truly been a game changer for us, and for the process to be faster we are using our Lightroom Presets. If you don't know what a preset is you can check our Presets FAQ, or if you wanna purchase them you can click here. Our presets are good for any kind of pictures, and cost only 9,99€.

Now, you know all the steps to take amazing couple pictures!

Lots of love,
Valerie & Alex

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