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New direct payments are another form of economic relief in the U.S.

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New direct payments are another form of economic relief in the U.S.Photo byUSA Diario

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) was legislation passed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to this legislation and the financial assistance possibilities it provides, a local guaranteed basic income program was implemented.

As a result, Sacramento families are now eligible to apply to be one of 80 households selected for the second edition of this local program.

Successful participants will be eligible to receive monthly payments of $500.00 USD with no strings attached, for 12 months beginning in July of this year.

What are the requirements for applicants?

To be one of the applicants, the first thing you must meet is to live in the city of Sacramento. However, it is important to know that you must have the family income requirements in order.

You will be able to apply online until April 14 at 11:59 pm. Regarding the selection of households, the authorities inform that this is a completely random process.

The confirmed households will be announced at the end of May and payments may begin to be made in July.

The most important thing is that you live within the city limits of Sacramento, and that you earn less than a certain amount per year.

The following are the different incomes in the city of Sacramento. For an adult the amount is $28,205.00 USD. In the case of an adult and one child it would be $49,945.00 USD and an adult with two children, $65,880.00 USD.

For one adult with three children the amount would be $79,500.00 USD and only two adults, $43,201.00 USD. For two adults with one, two and three children it would be $64273.00 USD; $79500.00 USD; and $93120.00 USD respectively.

For a household of six members the amount would be $106740.00 USD; one of seven, $120360.00 USD; and one of eight $133980.00 USD. If the household exceeds eight members, $14160.00 USD should be added for each additional person.

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