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New York is preparing for natural disasters due to global warming

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The largest city in the United States is preparing for the upcoming natural disasters that could destroy it. In New York, a project is being implemented that will help ensure the sustainability of the metropolis to climate change. This will help the city avoid past mistakes that led to cataclysms and prevent new ones. This is reported by Euronews.

New York City authorities have adopted a $20 billion climate resilience plan to try to prevent future storms and flooding. One of these projects is to protect Manhattan from the effects of global warming. With a strong rise in sea level due to climate fluctuations, the island may sink underwater earlier than the rest of New York. The program to ensure the sustainability of the East Side coast, a large area of Manhattan, is aimed at protecting 110 thousand of its residents. The authorities invested $1.45 billion in it.

As part of one of the stages of the project in the southeast of Manhattan, work has begun on the construction of a four-kilometer wall of raised park areas, protective fences, and movable locks. The task of all structures is to create a continuous line of defense against rising sea levels and the growing threat of stronger than ever coastal storms, which are exacerbated by climate change.

"This project will protect New Yorkers from coastal storms and sea-level rise for decades to come, and will also contribute to investments in the development of public spaces in the eastern part of Manhattan," said Janie Bavishi, director of the Mayor's Office for Climate Resilience.

In addition, as part of the Manhattan Project, workers will upgrade underground sewer systems and replant thousands of trees around the construction site.

The coastline of New York is 836 kilometers, so it is extremely vulnerable to any significant environmental changes. Experts on the sustainability of cities to climate change fear that by 2050 the sea level around the metropolis may rise by 20-75 centimeters, which threatens to flood both the island of Manhattan and the whole of New York.

In the last decade, America's largest city has repeatedly faced natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy in 2012, as well as storms Ida and Henry in the summer of 2021. Disasters have cost the metropolis billions of dollars and more than 50 human lives.


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