Kate Middleton photo in bus infuriated Prince William

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Prince William got angry and asked the press to leave Kate Middleton alone after publishing a picture of the future Duchess of Cambridge, where she was photographed on a bus, writes Daily Express.

The picture was taken in 2005 when Prince William and Kate Middleton were not married yet and were just dating. Paparazzi caught the future Duchess on the bus when she was on her way to an interview. In the picture, Kate Middleton is sitting on the lower tier with a sad face and thoughtfully looks out the window. This photo was featured in the documentary "William and Kate: Too Good to Be True", which was released in 2020.

"I remember her being photographed on a London bus going down King's Road. This is a truly historic frame. In the picture, the one who will become our queen in the future is sitting on a London bus on the lower tier. The Palace didn't like it," says Daily Express correspondent Richard Palmer in the documentary.

Prince William then issued a statement in which he demanded that Kate be left alone.

"Of course, there is no difference where you were photographed — on the bus, on the street, or in the store with your mother. But this time the problem was that the photographer was following Kate all day," explained royal expert Marcia Moody.

She noted that Prince William had a serious conversation with Kate and her father. After that, he ordered to send an official request to the editors of the London media not to disseminate the details of his girlfriend's personal life.

The contents of the letter remained a secret, but according to insiders, Prince William was "very angry".

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