The American F-35 has clear superiority over the Russian Su-57

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The American F-35 fighter has clear superiority over the Russian Su-57 aircraft. Such conclusions were presented by the Western military expert Chris Osborne.

Many details about the technical characteristics and capabilities of the Russian Su-57 fighter are unknown and based on publicly available information, it is quite difficult to judge the real strength of this aircraft. According to Chris Osborne, if we study the media information about this car, then comparison with the American F-35 will not be in its favor. This is reported by the publication The National Interest (NI).

"There are several reasons to believe that the Russian Su-57 stealth fighter may lag behind the American Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter," the expert told The National Interest.

Chris Osborne stated that there are several points in which the Russian Su-57 may be inferior to the F-35.

First, the Pentagon has been promoting the concept of a "loyal wingman" for the past few years, in which the fifth-generation aircraft will operate together with strike drones. Russia is also working on combining its S-70 Hunter drone with the Su-57 fighter. The NI analyst believes that Russian developments in this area are somewhat inferior to American technologies today.

The second point is secrecy. According to Chris Osborne, the Russian plane is not as inconspicuous as its American counterpart. This is due to the presence of advanced electronic flight control and information analysis systems in the F-35, which make it possible to outpace enemy guidance sensors. It is unknown whether the Su-57 has equipment similar in characteristics and capabilities.

"The Su-57 just doesn't look as stealthy as the F-35," said Chris Osborne.

As for weapons systems, some time ago there were reports of the Su-57 prototype of hypersonic air-to-ground missiles. The latter is described as compact weapons designed to destroy air and missile defense systems, as well as cruise and ballistic missile launchers. The US is also going to equip its fighters with hypersonic combat systems as part of the ARRW project. The NI analyst believes that the US military is a little closer to starting using hypersonic missiles on its fifth-generation aircraft.

"Although much remains unknown, it seems extremely unlikely that the Su-57 can really compete with the F-35," the American expert said.


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