6 Clever Instagram Strategies for Greater Instagram Exposure

Uros Polajzer

With over a billion Instagram users, you have a big audience in the palm of your hand! The tricky part can be getting your content in front of them. It may not be easy, but it’s definitely not impossible! I’m sure you have great pictures and videos that people would love – if only they saw it.  

So, how do you get the exposure needed to get your account in front of potential followers?

That’s the looming question for many people on Instagram looking to increase exposure. Building an organic following is possible with consistent effort and a good strategy. We have found the following 6 clever Instagram strategies to be great for Instagram exposure and highly recommend testing them out if you are hoping to grow your account. 


1. Get your content shared and go viral!

Ideally, you want a photo or video to go viral. Viral content can result in hundreds of thousands of views, likes, and followers. Sometimes the secret to getting a post to go viral is to start thinking about what is viral-worthy. You need to consider what people are likely to share with their friends and family. Although they may like it, they probably won’t share a selfie or a picture of your dinner. However, they are likely to share a picture of something they want to do, have or experience, or something that educates, inspires, or entertains. The best way to do this is to look at what is already going viral in your niche and try to create something similar. Sometimes pictures and videos get their jumpstart to viral-status because someone with more followers shared it. If you think your post is something another account may be interested in sharing on their own account, you should tag them! This is especially true if a brand is featured in your post. This is free advertising and social proof for them, so they are likely to share it with all their followers.


2. Post daily stories to connect with your audience

There is a huge demand for video content (hence the launch of Reels), so if you aren’t posting on your stories at least once a day, you are missing out. There are plenty of ways you can connect with your audience via stories, including polls, Q&A’s, and emoji responses. The best part of these stories is they don’t need to be highly edited and fabricated. You can be very real and post a story from your bed saying good morning. Authenticity works very well for both parties and makes it a lot easier to post daily. 

3. Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your caption

Instagram’s algorithms can be tricky, but ultimately, the more people that interact with your photos, the more likely they will be presented to other people. This is why you really want to encourage people to not only like, but to comment on your photos. The most effective way to do this is with a clear call-to-action. 

For example, “Fall or winter?” or “What calms your soul”? This encourages people to comment on their responses. It should be tied in with the rest of your caption and photo. If you have a blog post or want people to visit the link in your bio – say this! Be clear, concise, and direct. 

4. Grab attention with Reels

Instagram Reels are 15 to 30 second video clips that are very comparable to TikTok. These can be shared in your stories, Reels tab, and featured in the explore feed. Reels are incredible for exposure because when people are in the Reels tab, they aren’t only shown people they follow, they are shown content from trending accounts – which could be yours! The algorithm they are using for this is very similar to TikTok, so the more people stick around and watch your video, like and engage, the more you will be shown to others. With Reels, you have the option to set your video to music, and there is a number of editing features like text and graphics that you can add. By creating great content using Reels, you can significantly increase your exposure. 

5. Use hashtags

If you are looking to increase exposure, you must use hashtags! Many people search hashtags to find accounts that match their interests – it makes your content discoverable! When choosing the hashtags for your post, you need to be strategic and shouldn’t just put a hashtag beside any word. You should research hashtags that are already being used that are specific to your niche. The secret to finding good hashtags is to use ones that aren’t too vague and aren’t too specific. You need a happy medium. If you are a beauty blogger and want to showcase a new makeup line, using #woman would be too broad. It would be better to use #veganmakeup, something that is more specific. As travel bloggers, some of the hashtags we used include #travel, #travelcouple, #traveltogether, and #travelbucketlist. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags – but you shouldn’t use 30 as it can seem a bit spammy. Ideally, you should keep it to under 10.

6. Get tagged 

Increase your exposure but encouraging your current audience to share your post and tag you. This practice is often done for contests and giveaways, where people are requested to repost a photo and tag them to enter. You don’t need to host a contest to get people to tag you. If you share a picture relaxing on a Sunday, you could ask your followers to tag you so you can see how they are spending their Sunday. When people do this, all of their followers will now be exposed to your account!

Although a viral photo or Reel could dramatically boost your exposure, most of these strategies need to be consistently practiced. Building an engaged Instagram following takes a lot of time and effort. When you practice these strategies daily, your following, likes, and comments will increase along with your exposure!

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