How to Create a Consistent Instagram Theme

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If you are looking to grow your Instagram following, attract clients, or sell to customer and your main marketing strategy is social media, you need to build a consistent, cohesive Instagram theme. This is essential for engagement and followers! Take a look at Instagram accounts of different brands and bloggers, and you will see a consistent look and messaging in all their posts. Choosing and maintaining a theme can be challenging; do you want a dark and moody look? A rose-pink vibe? Modern? It can be tough figuring out which direction you want to take and how to create that consistent look and feel. 

To help you along, we’ve put a list of tips that you can follow to create a consistent and cohesive Instagram theme of your own!


The color palette you choose sets the mood for your entire feed. Think of your Instagram account as a brand. Every brand has a color board, and these colors are used for all products and marketing materials. Consider the message you want to convey and the feeling you want to illicit when people look at your pictures. Some Instagram feeds are primarily neutrals, which means that the dominant colors are tan, beige, white, and brown in their pictures. Others may have a lot of blue or incorporate a pop of color. Some Instagrammers will change their color scheme with the seasons; others remain consistent for long periods of time. You can get creative with it, but you should keep the same color scheme for a minimum of 9 photos.


If you are doing a lot of product shots, full-body fitness pictures, or OOTD images – keep your background consistent. This doesn’t mean you have to take all your photos in the same spot! But, using blank walls for fashion pictures will help create a consistent feel. This will help your feed and make it a lot easier for you to create content if you don’t have to look around for a new background.  


Presets are the easiest way to have a consistent Instagram feed. If you aren’t familiar with presets, these are Lightroom (editing software) editing adjustments that are saved, so the exact same adjustment is applied to every one of your photos with the click of a button. You can buy presets online that will complement the color palette you are trying to achieve. We have created some amazing preset bundles with our best edits and you can shop them here. When you take a picture, use Adobe Lightroom to apply the preset, and your pictures will have consistent editing throughout. If you have an eye for photography and editing, you can manually edit your pictures, but even pro’s often use presets to ensure a consistent look on their feed.

Image content

The images you post should be the same type of photo. As you know, we post travel photos featuring us amongst gorgeous landscapes, hotels, and scenery. That is what our followers expect. If we started posting pictures of our meals, cars, friends' dogs, etc., it wouldn’t align with our other images. The images you post should be carefully curated and send a consistent message. If you are a lifestyle blogger, there is a bit more flexibility, but you will still need to be mindful of the images you put out there. Further, the images should be high-quality photos. Quality photos are proven to increase engagement and followers. Strive for balance in your content to make sure it isn’t too busy or cluttered. You can mix up your feed by incorporating close-up shots, with those further back, product shots, and action shots. Always consider the grid. There are plenty of free apps like Later that will help you map out what pictures look best together. 


Your voice may be what you say in a video or story, or it can be the written caption you include with your image; either way, it needs to be strong, identifiable, and consistent. Your voice (which includes your messaging and not how you sound) should display your personality and be easily recognizable by your followers. It should stand-out and encourage people to interact with you.

Spend some time thinking of the personal band voice you’ll be including in your feed, along with the type of content you will be posting. To help, think of 5 adjectives you want to describe your Instagram. Show your personality, sense of humor, and authentic self but, keep in mind that it is a social platform, and people are attracted to positivity or entertainment. Lastly, if you have a website, blog, or other social media accounts, the voice you use on Instagram should be the same as the one you use there.

Your audience

You should spend time interacting and viewing the profiles of the people who follow you, a.k.a your audience. Even mega-influencers with millions of followers say they look at the profiles of the people who engage with their accounts. Why? Because it gives them better insight into who likes them and their brand, and they can then tailor their content and business to this demographic. For example, we know that our audience is interested in traveling and starting businesses that allow them to travel. So, we create images and captions that provide the information they are looking for. In turn, we increase our engagement and followers. 

When building a consistent Instagram theme, you are creating content for your audience. Before you post, ask yourself if your followers will enjoy it and if it will bring any value to them.


Scheduling your Instagram posts is vital to a cohesive and consistent Instagram theme. Like we mentioned earlier, you want your grid to be balanced, images to be edited, and have carefully crafted captions – you won’t be able to do all this if you just snap and post. Several different programs will allow you to schedule your posts, write your captions, include your hashtags, and then post for you at the time you schedule. This increases your content quality and helps ensure that you are posting on a consistent basis.

Vintage, tropical, or minimalistic – it doesn’t matter what theme you choose, as long as you are consistent. If you want to define your Instagram aesthetic and create a consistent theme, just follow the steps listed above!

Have you established a theme for your Instagram? What adjective would you use to describe it? Let us know in the comments below!

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