Florida Allergy Season: Local Laboratories Offering Allergy Test for Just Over $200

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If you have recently noticed your eyes and nose are a little itchier than normal, rest assured that you are not alone. While it's technically always allergy season in Florida, those with seasonal allergies may see an increase in allergic symptoms around spring/summer with all of the additional pollen in the environment. Finding exact triggers to your allergy symptoms can be a challenge, however, Quest Diagnostics, an American clinical laboratory with over 500 locations in Florida, sent out an email earlier this morning with an offer on their panel blood test for 14 common respiratory allergies for just over $200.

"Our 14 Basic Indoor / Outdoor Respiratory Allergy Test Panel measures your immune system response to specific indoor and outdoor allergens, which can be part of helping to determine whether you have an allergy," their allergy test website page states, in part, furthering that this test reports the presence of lgE(s) antibodies to tree pollen allergens, weed and grass allergens, and indoor allergens.

Results of the test by itself cannot confirm the presence of the allergy, rather it can give your healthcare provider an insight to your possible triggers.

"It’s important to follow up with your healthcare provider or an allergy specialist. They will review your results along with your medical history, signs and symptoms, medications, and any other test results. Only a healthcare provider can diagnose an allergy and prescribe medication, if needed."

According to the company website, this panel measures immune responses to weeds and grasses (Bermuda grass, Timothy grass, Common Ragweed, Rough Pigweed, Sheep Sorrel), tree pollen (Oak, Elm), and specific indoor allergens (Cat Dander, Dog Dander, Mouse Urine, A. Alternata, Cockroach, and dust mites D. Pteronyssinus, and D. Farinae).

Quest also offers an expanded blood test that measures your immune system response to 25 common triggers; this test is just over $100 more.

This offer is not limited to Florida but can not be ordered in Alaska, Hawaii, or Arizona.

To participate, the patient must be over 18 to purchase and must schedule on Quest's site ahead of time. You can find additional information on eligibility and more for the basic test here and the expanded test here.

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