High blood pressure symptoms and its Emergency medical treatment

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The pressure of blood flow from the heart to different parts of the body is called blood pressure. The fourth chamber of the heart pumps blood through the already clogged arteries, creating pressure that pushes the blood down to the lower extremities when the ventricle constricts, resulting in a second blood flow. In this way, there is a continuous flow of blood throughout the body.

The pressure in the main blood vessels is 120 mm of mercury. When this pressure pushes blood towards the smaller arteries of the heart, it moves up to 80 mm, which is called diastolic blood pressure. Our arteries and veins hold about 5 liters of blood at a time and on each contraction, the left chamber ejects 70 ml of blood with a pressure of 120 mm. Immediately the very next moment only enough blood gets to it so that further blood can be pushed. This process goes on continuously throughout life. If the ability to throw blood starts decreasing, then a heart attack, paralysis, heart attack or even death can occur.

Signs and symptoms of high blood pressure

  • Tiredness
  • Getting nausea
  • stomach upset
  • vision loss
  • excessive sweating
  • nose bleeds
  • red eyes
  • head heavy
  • Hearing a whistling sound in the ears
  • increased heartbeat
  • yellowing or reddening of the skin
  • Anxiety etc.

Emergency medical treatment of high blood pressure

First treatment method:

When you feel that your blood pressure is increasing and you do not have immediate medical treatment, take the following remedies to lower your blood pressure immediately. You will find that your blood pressure has returned to normal.

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In case of high blood pressure, immediately heat mustard oil and start rubbing the soles. Rub the soles in such a way that the full pressure of the thumb remains on the heels and soles of the front and keep rubbing the soles until the soles become red and hot. Immediately after rubbing the soles, immerse the feet in hot water till the shin and leave it for 10 minutes and keep a wet towel on the head and cover your body from all sides so that heat starts building inside.

Scientific Explanation:

This treatment is called a hot foot bath. By doing this process, the flow of blood starts coming down towards the feet, due to which the heart no longer has to exert much strength in throwing blood and the head starts emptying. As a result, the possibility of paralysis, heart attack goes away.
  • When your blood pressure is increasing, take a hot foot bath in the morning and evening.
  • In the diet, take only 1100 calories of light fiber-rich digestible food and increase your rotation.
  • Reduce the amount of sodium and salt in your diet.
  • Increase the amount of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, coarse cereals, fruits, vegetables, juices.

Second treatment method:

Yoga Nidraesamskriti.com

Another emergency treatment for high blood pressure is to lie down outside in the open. Close your eyes, start practicing Yoga Nidra by focusing on your breathing. During this, keep the head slightly elevated and the feet low, wet towels on the head and forehead, and warm towels on the feet.

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