10 simple ways to be happy forever

Umesh Bedi

Today's life is busy and hectic. Sometimes it seems that moments of happiness and joy are lost somewhere in this hustle and bustle, but if one is to be successful and move forward, then the busyness cannot be reduced. If nature has prescribed a day of 24 hours, It too will not break its law. That is, whatever we have to do, we have to do it within the periphery of these 24 hours. But if we are not able to experience happiness to get success or even after success, then our progress is of no use. Come, let us know those ways to be happy even in the busyness of modern life, which will make every difficulty seem easy.

How to be happy What is the easiest way to be happy?

1. Learn the art of being satisfied


Everyone wants to move forward from where he stands. He is putting all his strength into moving forward. He gets what he wants, but even after getting it, dissatisfaction does not leave him. As a result, whatever has been achieved, the competition to get something new starts disturbing. In this way, we are unable to feel the joy and happiness of getting something. It is only because of our feeling of dissatisfaction becoming very strong. If we learn the art of being satisfied, we can be happy.

It is also true that if the feeling of satisfaction starts to arise in the person permanently, then it can prove to be an obstacle in his progress. That is why there must be enough contentment that you can enjoy what you have achieved.

2. Remember life is meant to be lived

Always remember that life is meant to be lived, not just to pass. If this feeling is permanently imprinted in our hearts, then we will spend every moment of life in the style of 'living' and try to find happiness every moment moving forward. At present, the reason for the unhappiness of most people is the feeling that arises in their hearts that whatever it is, life has to pass. Happiness is not necessarily achieved by accumulating too many material facilities. The moments of joy in life can be found for free. One just needs to have a searching heart.

3. Make a goal of achieving happiness

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If you want to be happy, then also add 'getting happiness' to your life goal. Your goal may be to achieve great things, but along with that achievement should also be your goal to be worry-free and happy. Often we think that we will be happy to achieve a certain goal. While we should resolve to be happy even while achieving the goal.

4. Let go of the anxious attitude

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The worst gift of modern life is the 'anxious attitude'. The competition to surpass others, to look better than others, and to 'maintain' our 'status' has made us permanently anxious. As a result, it has become a habit for us to worry about the smallest things. Give up this habit. By cultivating the quality of ignoring small things, we can get rid of our anxious attitude. Remember, an anxious person can never experience real happiness and joy.

5. Make friends with nature

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Happiness has no cost because happiness is a natural gift. You can also get happiness by living in the midst of nature. Admittedly, we are very busy, but what is the use of such busyness, which takes away our peace. Make friends with nature. Behold the ever-blooming flowers. Try to feel the wind blowing slowly. Just look at the falling waterfalls or sometimes the rainwater falling. The happiness you will get, you will not be able to describe in words. Don't make excuses for time constraints. Don't forget, achieving happiness is also the goal of your life.

6. Take care of health

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As will be the body, so will be the mind. Keep the body healthy, the mind will also be healthy. Only a healthy mind can feel happy. So don't be careless about your health. Make time for exercise in the morning and evening. Even if you do not take out 15 minutes, but do exercise. You take out time for eating, drinking, bathing, etc. Make exercise a part of your daily routine

7. Give the mind a dose of entertainment:

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Understand the need for entertainment. Even a small child craves entertainment. It is human nature to entertain. Be sure to make arrangements for your entertainment. Entertainment acts as a battery charge. This will remove fatigue and you will be ready for work with double energy. Along with this, happiness will also come from entertainment, due to which the mind will be happy.

8. Develop your interest

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A simple way to be happy is to develop your interest. Do some work according to your interest. You may also be interested in artistic works. Doing work of interest will also give happiness. Take some time out of your busy routine for such tasks, which are not your source of income, which gives deep self-satisfaction.

9. Go on a picnic

When you start feeling that your unhappiness is taking a toll on you and you are tired, bored due to the busyness, then understand, this is the best time to have a picnic. Go out for a picnic with your husband, wife, kids, or friends. In this way, you will be able to give time to family and friends and you will also feel the beautiful moments.

10. Make Good Friends

If you want to be happy forever, build a good circle of friends. Friends also come in handy in times of need and in a disturbed state, they also become mental strength. Friends entertain our hearts with laughter, we also feel lighter by doing many things about our hearts with friends. Making friends is very important, but making friends is not an easy task either. The choice of friends should be done very carefully. Wrong friends also confuse the path.

In today's busy life, small happiness can be achieved by following these practical things. Remember, it is foolish to ignore small joys while waiting for great happiness. Small joys often lead to great happiness. If you cannot find moments of happiness on small occasions, you will find your sense of happiness even for great happiness dead.

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